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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Unboxing

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I kinda like having new episodes of Pony Life come out on a Sunday. It means I can use a good chunk of Saturday to do these comics.

Happy Saturday evening/Sunday morning, all you fine people of the world! Going to be trying something different with this set of Goodnights. I hope they will entertain.

The next comic will move beyond :iconboneswolbach:'s Party Cave background, but I'm grateful that he created this work:

Just as I'm grateful to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight.
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lilapplegirlHobbyist General Artist

the most powerful magic of all... BRIBERY.

AJR001's avatar

He can't resist the power of Pie. And I do mean both the pastry and pony. XD XD

EchoWing's avatar
EchoWingHobbyist Writer

Behold, the power of pie. And Pie!

Omnifighter1's avatar
Omnifighter1Hobbyist General Artist

Is there a site where the show is being uploaded? Or is it on DiscoveryFamily?

Albertonykus's avatar

Wasn't expecting the story with the box to unfold this way! Looking forward to future developments.

CerinHero2000's avatar

well at least she got a handsome stallion as her gift and partner in investigations. ha ha ha

TheforgottenSiren's avatar
TheforgottenSirenHobbyist Artist

Apple pies...Sorin one true weakness

pokemon-fireevee's avatar
pokemon-fireeveeHobbyist Digital Artist

Portal. They're Portals. Also, Pinkie, I don't think your going to find those boxes again.

A-Ron1990's avatar

I'll say it's inappropriate. What would Cheese say? Also, what the hell is up with those boxes? They're giving me bad vibes.

TorturedArtist745's avatar

So the boxes are some kind of two way portal? Where did they come from? I want to know more.

fotland42's avatar

Beware the boxes of doom.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Can't resist this.
dempseyroll2019's avatar
dempseyroll2019Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okie dokie Loki ^^

Wait your chasing the box ^^

*Chase jojo music plays*
RobotNinjaHero's avatar

Great work on this

MaskOfLight's avatar
MaskOfLightHobbyist General Artist

...Why do I feel like this is going to go the way of “The Farnsworth Parabox”?

lynx318's avatar
lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hmm, Soarin is yet to show his opposite side.

Foxlover91's avatar

Think Soarin got the better part of this deal! XD

tigreanpony's avatar

That was cute.

templar127's avatar

Did the box make a wormhole too? XD

AceWissle's avatar

"Hi Soarin'! Are you my special present? That's.... possibly inappropriate!"

And possibly incredibly hot and fun, too, hehe

BBBHuey's avatar
BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist

Lol! Nice joke xD

Soarin found a Pie in a box xD

PanHead537's avatar

Um... what just happened?

Konsker's avatar

lol love soarin's voice

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