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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Triple Trouble

So many international releases. Only three specials.

And yes, this is a short attempt to tribute Adam West as well. I do have fond memories of his role in Batman and various voice acting roles.

Have a fun evening and if you are seeing the "Dance Magic" special for the first time or re_watching, I hope you have fun!

Update: Thanks to QB, who helped me update the Polish dialog to something more natural. :)

For anyone wanting to understand Polish Pinkie's text:

Panel 1: "Hello everyone! Did you have a good week?"
Panel 2: "I am here to wish you goodnight before tomorrow’s Equestria Girl’s special."
Panel 3: "Oh! How surprising!"
Panel 4: "I don’t know what’s happening. And I’m Pinkie Pie..."
Panel 7:"What we have here is an international incident."
Panel 8: "Yes."
Panel 10: "There can be only one!"
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And the Multiverse is having an aneurysm!