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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Topsy Turvy

We've got one more surprise episode slated for tomorrow in the United Kingdom. It's enough to turn your world upside down!

What a week this has been 5 Goodnight comics, a tribute video, and an episode followup. That may not sound big but it is actually a huge time investment.

I hope you all enjoy a restful evening and a fun episode tomorrow. I am going to invest some time in the future and new reviews!

Thanks as always to :iconundead-niklos:, the original creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goondight! And extra thanks to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach:. His Ponyville Party background is worth a party itself.
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lol both very funny
wildhawk441's avatar
Strange, I thought Pinkie would make some reference to other clouds being numbered... Whatever. You only have so many panels. Subtle 9 ( Numbers )  in the cloud.
I'd imagine it wouldn't be very comfortable to be under cloud nine like that for extended periods of time.
Animatorsnake's avatar
SeriousJupiter's avatar
I almost forgot about Top Bolt! Thanks for reminding me, I'll go see it immediately.
SwagFeather's avatar
That moment when you realize it's the 6th anniversary of My Little Pony
ringsandamiss007's avatar
Happy 6th anniversary!!!!
cajobif's avatar
And that's a wrap for this season. Damn it.
Helsaabi's avatar
Heeh good night <3
Skythe-Soulblade's avatar
tigreanpony's avatar
That was very cute and the UK is so lucky
GanymedeSkies's avatar
Wait... if this was between the episodes for the finale, doesn't that make them both changelings?
SilentCarto's avatar
The other day a janitor was sweeping the stairs in my parking garage at work.

sweep sweep sweep, (pause to switch stairs)

sweep sweep sweep, (pause)...

It's funny the little things that make you smile.
Toxicgambit's avatar
god this was CUTE
Nice. You should make them night themed.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Cloud 9. A rare cloud that even allows earth ponies to stand on it. Upside down and downside up!
CookieDaFlareonKitte's avatar
It just so happens that I was actually listening to a remix of the sweep song when I read this. 
YamiNo-Neko's avatar
Was it the Gene Gadget remix?
pakarirbx's avatar
Sweep sweep sweep sweep.
Sweep sweep sweep sweep.
catluvr2's avatar
Well, time to go back to sweep.

Good night!
SazerLite's avatar
Also, happy anniversary to FiM!
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