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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: These Dreams



I can't believe it. All these Goodnight comics, and I never once featured Luna as a true guest-star. As a self-professed Luna fanboy, this cannot stand!

I figure Luna sees aspects to ponies no one else could imagine. A part of me feels like this is an invasion of privacy, but hopefully Luna understands this responsibility. Something I doubt the show can truly explore, but that doesn't stop the fandom from asking questions.

I hope you all have a great evening and have fun with tomorrow's episode. Even if you already saw it courtesy of Australia's early airings, there are elements we may have missed on the first viewing. One other suggestion: go pick up "Won't You Be My Neighbor". It's a wonderful documentary on Mr Rogers and his outlook. Much like Pinkie Pie, I find his optimism encouraging.

Thanks as ever to :iconundead-niklos: for creating and passing the torch for Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. And thanks to :icontollaner: for creating the mystical zone that serves as a dreamscape:

Have a good one!
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You referenced Mr. Roger's! Critical hit to the feels!