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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: These Dreams

I can't believe it. All these Goodnight comics, and I never once featured Luna as a true guest-star. As a self-professed Luna fanboy, this cannot stand!

I figure Luna sees aspects to ponies no one else could imagine. A part of me feels like this is an invasion of privacy, but hopefully Luna understands this responsibility. Something I doubt the show can truly explore, but that doesn't stop the fandom from asking questions.

I hope you all have a great evening and have fun with tomorrow's episode. Even if you already saw it courtesy of Australia's early airings, there are elements we may have missed on the first viewing. One other suggestion: go pick up "Won't You Be My Neighbor". It's a wonderful documentary on Mr Rogers and his outlook. Much like Pinkie Pie, I find his optimism encouraging.

Thanks as ever to :iconundead-niklos: for creating and passing the torch for Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. And thanks to :icontollaner: for creating the mystical zone that serves as a dreamscape:

Have a good one!
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You referenced Mr. Roger's! Critical hit to the feels!
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Hey Silver, I have been meaning to ask you this.... but have you ever drawn Princess Luna in her S1 Design before? I actually love that Design of Princess Luna btw <3
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as a son of two psychologists and my brother is one as well, I have learned a lot about the matter even though I am an engineer, my father is of the Carl Jung's line of thought, and Jung says that dreams helps us to identify what is wrong, or what is happening inside our own heads, dreams are tools to interpret and learn, with the help of someone else
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I had a feeling that quote was Mr Rogers <3 
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Wonderful. Once again, your comic has asked some great questions that the show will probably never address, and that's why I love reading them so much. Luna really does know a lot of ponies on a level others can only dream of, doesn't she? (Pun very much intended.)
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I'm a bit of a fan of Princess Luna as well.

I reckon she deserves more credit for her work.
No matter what goes through your head, Luna's seen weirder dreams. Anything you can think up is actually pretty tame, relatively speaking.
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If that was a Mr. Roger's reference congrats! I have a tear in my eye and a warm fuzzy feeling.
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I once had a dream I as fighting a lightsaber duel with Vincent Price.
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I still think Luna was wrong to reveal the dreams of Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to Apple Bloom. That's like a doctor revealing patients' medical records to others.
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Yeah, Pinkie your dream description made me go... JonTron - I Have SEVERAL Questions. 

:XD: :XD:
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that was just to precious i love it great job silver. :) 
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Very sweet and kind.
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That was great, nicely done.
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Would that be Star Swirl the Bearded?
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That dream Pinkie described sounded interesting ~~

In one panel Luna said
"Could you be describe it?"
Something's missing/wrong there I feel.
I was excited to see "Won't You Be My Neighbor" when it was first released, but opted to wait until it was available on Netflix so that I can view it in the comfort of my own home.  I feel like that's how he would have wanted it.
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Aww.  You always manage to make these just a little bit more heartfelt than I expect.  But then, that's Pinkie in a nutshell.
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Why for you always make me cry, Silver Quill? 
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