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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Thank You

Kinda funny to realize we're coming to season 7's end. Even weirder to think we have a staggered premier for the finale. Canada gets the wrap-up tomorrow, the US has it next weekend. And the leaks online only add to it.

Regardless, I have had fun this season and am glad there is a season 8 on the way. I've got one more Goodnight comic in mind for Friday. In the meantime, lots to do.

Thanks again to :iconundead-niklos: for allowing me to continue Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight! And thanks to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach: for his Ponyville background!
Ponyville Street to Town Center by BonesWolbach

Have a good night, everyone!
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Can I do a comic dub for this?
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it's been a very good season this year
You're adorkable, Twilight. Learn to love it.
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Wow... Starlight and Rarity look really cute next to each other in the group panel!  
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I'm waiting until next weekend for the s finale; but this is a nice one.

pn 4: The sparkling fashionista bonds w/ her CMC sis (visiting their digs) then shows off the INNER beauty!
pn 5: Amongst an admirer's interviewing; our Wonderbolt shows loyalty to the fan AND her upbringing.
pn 6: ... gave us a TWIN dose of feels! Honest love towards the best farming entity in Ponyville!
pn 7: I'm not falling for that shit Silly Pinkie Pie; do you really have to go to remedial Main Five 101? My name ends with Squee Fluttershy 'shy' and Pony Fluttershy Smirk Emoticon. I'm SO not renaming myself! Especially when my kindness is flourishing at S.F.Sancutary!
pn 8: As Starlight makes and re-inforces new friendships (bookending the season); Spike's two olive-branch-recipients find some inner answers from each other!
pn 9: They are SO not freak-outs; Pinkie! They're legit worries! ESP when they involve the royal sisters. [MLP Twilight Sparkle (Nervous Smile) Plz Also, you exercised some diplomacy with the Yaks! Nice!]

This was a great series of 'goodnights' Silver! You're an Icon!
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Thank you Silver Quill for doing these fun comics for us all!
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please let there be a season 9!!!!!!
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It was such a great season, one of the best by far! Too bad the movie would have made more sense if it had come out immediately after season four, but what can you do. It was still pretty good. Thank you, Hasbro, DHX, writers, VAs and fellow fans!
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The season ended with a bang. A great finale that brought us so many new characters and solve many mysteries. And with the movie, we will have to expect much more surprises for season 8.

Goodbye season 7. We will miss you.
If it's so great (which it is), why wouldn't we miss Season 7?
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Because I miswritten what I had in mind. I corrected it. It was one of the best season if not the best.
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I can't believe the Mane 6 didn't say this: Pinkie, thank you for being such a joy as always. Even if some of us had say your comics in the morning, you were still always so uplifting. And for your episodes; nothing makes me smile more.
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That was great, nicely done as always.
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If there's one thing that the US viewers will have comfort in, they won't worry about the hiatus 1 week later than they should. :XD:
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Man I loved this season, my second favourite season next to 5. All the parent episodes were great and probably the standout of the season for me. We got another overarching plot that I'd say work so much better then S4 one, somewhat thanks to the comics but even without said comics every character was set up nicely and I hope we got to see them interact with the mane six/modern equestria next season.

It's gunna be quite the wait for season 8 but luckily we still go the final parts of Legends in magic comics as well as all the new Equestria Girls shorts that start in november. So woot woot
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Here's to you Season 7! Awesome episodes here!

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Truly, this was a fantastic season indeed!
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Awww, this is fantastic! Season 7 has been stellar and this comic is too! I'm going to be watching the finale when it airs in the US, but I hope anyone who watches it tomorrow has fun! :)
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y'know what I hope for in season 8? More Tempest.
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