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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Taxing

Was really struggling to come up with an idea for this week. Don't want to spoil the episodes too much and I'm in between preparing for conventions.

Then it hit me: how do ponies handle tax season? Orderly and calm is no fun, so here we are.

Speaking of being here: Ponyville Street to Town Center by BonesWolbach I owe that to :iconboneswolbach:. And I owe :iconundead-niklos: for creating the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight tradition.

Have a good night all and we'll hope for a fun episode tomorrow!
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Should I mention about yoshi evading his taxes or just sit it out?
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:sigh::sighs: I wish I could've done my taxes very early like Twilight did. :tears: But even then, it wouldn't have made a difference, because I'm not getting much on my return this year. :Tears:

I also wanted to do my taxes early because I didn't want to have to do them on my birthday (which happened to be the final day to do them). Tears But even then, it wouldn't have mattered, because my birthday was horrible. :Tears: I know birthdays are not all about getting lots of stuff, but I would've been happy with just one present, but I didn't get anything! :cry: Birthdays are supposed to be about having fun, but I hardly had any fun! ohh no I wasn't looking forward to it, because I knew it was going to be bad! :cries v.2Tears

I'm sorry, everypony. :sigh: I just had to get that off my chest. Sorry to waste your time. :peace:
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Well, at least Twilight enjoys doing taxes. I wouldn't know how stressful it is, because my mom takes care of the taxes for me.

Yes, I still live with my mother. Does anyone have a problem with that??! :gunreload:
But seriously, we live as a family and work together. I'm sorry if I was aggressive, I just wanna express my feelings of me living with my mother, I kill the fool who makes fun of me!!! DX< bring on the pain 2bring on the pain
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Omg, this one is hilarious. :D
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Pinkie: ****
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Discord WTF  I'm crazy enough to take on Celestia, but the IRS?! Nuh-hooooo thank you!
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Some of us file early so we get our refund sooner.
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I don't know what taxes are like in the US, but in Canada it takes 15 minutes of following simple instructions. And then you get a bunch of money.
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You're fucked. I can't do anything since I don't know how to file taxes.
Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
A fun tax! I shall write to Pinkie's representative about this as soon as possible.
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That's why i asked my aunt to do them as soon as i got all of the needed forms. So they were done I think by mid- February.
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You'd think if Twilight was that organized and savvy about filing tax returns she'd use her position as a Princess to start a service like H&R Block where she and other tax specialists can help ponies avoid this mass panic. Alternately she could do something like in the UK where if you file two or more weeks before the deadline all you have to do is include your basic financial information and they'll do the tax calculations for you.
Up here in Canada, tax season lasts until the end of April for ordinary people.
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sad eyes It looks like I won't get a tax return this year. :tears:

Why do I say that? Because I informed my dad that this is the last weekend to do my taxes, but he doesn't believe me. :crying He says the deadline is April 15th. sad eyes But what if he's wrong?! He could be wrong! Day21 - Cries Gah, I hate my dad!! :angry:
Well, good-bye, local pony con plans! Cry emote Now I have nothing to look forward to, not even my birthday!! Rainbow Dash (cry) plzMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry SadPinkie pie,rarity and fluttershy (cry) plzMLP Applejack (Sad) Plz
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LOL! Love the jokes and premise of this, how true it is in many ways
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Twilight lucky that Discord got her first, otherwise she would be bury under ponies right now.
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Cute comic :)

Discord does have a point though.
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The only reason your taxes are so complicated is because the people who sell software to help you sort it all out lobby our government to keep them complicated to protect their business!
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i lookt hard and a i see my favorite pony and one of my favorite couples back der. look what i got to see. who is who
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