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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Sweet Dreams

What a week it has been. Back from a con, episode followup on EqD, comic review, video review, two Goodnight comics. It's funny how active I've gotten because of one show.

These early Canadian release episodes are fun but they demand a lot of myself and fellow fans. I hope everyone is having the fun along the way.

Credit as always goes to :iconundead-niklos:, who put a lot of time and creative energy into the original Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!
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JadethePegasus's avatar
Am I the only one secretly enjoying the TwiPie goodness here? :D
KabutoRaijerFan's avatar
What was Pinkie dreaming?
Randomreader-001's avatar
XD    Sooooo much shipping material.
....I wonder if anyone has made any ship-fics with what was just sa-!! *sees 5 new ship-fics with the details that Pinkie just said*
MLP Indigo Zap (Lax) Plz...well played internet...well played. 
CRWithers's avatar
Looks like Ep 11 was end of the new eps for a while.  So Pinkie can get some rest now
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
They're still new episodes for some folks, so I'll keep the comics rolling. But I am glad that I won't have to do double-duty each weekend.
CRWithers's avatar
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I love using shipping jokes in my reviews, it's fun! At first I was upset at this early release thing, but one thing this does for me, is it allows me to get my review ready and out of the way so I can reserve my Saturday evenings if I need to. Wouldn't be able to that during a regular season.
McQueenfan95's avatar
Silver, do you not realize what you've done?! You unleashed a new wave of... SLAAAAAAAAASH FICTIOOOOOOOOOOON!
Omega-Omicron's avatar
Since he didn't, I will.  *ahem*... *insert fanfare* CROSS-MEDIA CONTINUITY!!!
(8/.... >8)
*hops inside the dream armed with stink bombs*
MLP-Hot-Rod's avatar
Silver, you devilish dove. Why do you spoil us so? My girl Fertile is going to get so many ideas from this.
templar127's avatar
I wuv sweepy pinkie! X3
Solartiger43's avatar
Forward, forward starboard, starboard drop it
sailormarsfan1702's avatar
silverquil will we see daybreaker as a guest?
Zorbonaut's avatar
"There's no wrong way to fantasize."
MechanicOverlord's avatar
Except for when you make fantasies with Rarity/Blueblood.
kazlucas's avatar
Only in Rarity's opinion I'm sure Blueblood loves it though.
MechanicOverlord's avatar
She covered him in cake. I doubt he's fond of her.
kazlucas's avatar
How do you know if that isn't his secret fetish? :)
HyperDashPony's avatar
I went to your Mary Sue panel, heheh.
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
........ I'm still sticking with the U.S. release :3
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