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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Summer Solstice

Good evening everyone! Although a new episode arrives courtesy of Australia, I don't want to forget Equestria's oft-neglected princess.

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and a celebration of Equestria's leader. Hope you all enjoy a creative day as we see what fans have cooked up.

The original creative behind Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight would be Undead Niklos :iconundead-niklos:. My thanks to him for letting me continue the tradition and to all of you for reading!
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Oh, 'Tia. Your mane being powered by the spirits of the condemned is pretty tame compared to some suggestions I've heard. Fame attracts rumors, and most rumors are either salacious or dark.
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I think Day Breaker might have been in charge of the Summer Solstice this year. I have only just recovered from melting into a puddle.
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This was a really nice one Silver-Quill; I recently started up a new semester of grad school and was feeling slightly stressed. This comic helped put me at ease because I am going into the counseling field and as such try to remain a light for the clients that I work with. I know I have many long days ahead of me but I plan on keeping positive and pushing on forward. So thank you for this encouragement in the form a cheery Pink Pony and a Wise and Respectful Ruler. :D
Not only is the summer solstice the longest day of the year, it's also the first day when the nights start getting longer. A transition & giving way to night, and a reaffirmation that Luna's remembered and valued. Not that I've heard anyone, including Celestia, bother to put it that way.

Wonder if there's a Winter Night Celebration, during the winter solstice? Luna's been back a few years now, so even if there wasn't one in her absence, I have to wonder why they're not celebrating it now? 

Although I suppose traditionally, Christmas was used by the early Christians to take over and subvert the winter solstice/mid-winter celebrations from the European pagans, though the date has drifted to the 25th in modern times. So maybe Hearth's Warming day replaced a Winter Night/Solstice Celebration from the first two-sisters era?
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But really Celestia, how does your mane flow like that? ^^;
Squirrels. It's piloted by flying squirrels
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Such a great leader is Celestia.
MLP-Silver-Quill, I do not know you.  
You are but a distant purveyor of bedtime wellwishing comics and noted mellifluous-voice-haver.

But if you display the same spirit in life that comes across in your writing it would seem that you are a thoughtful and humane man.
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Such a beautiful speech. Bravo!

Thunderlane will surely inspire upcoming generations just as much as the previous Wonderbolt before him.
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Pinkie I Love You
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it wouldn't be surprising if Celestia were interested in gothic stories & stuff as she's seen much more darker stuff in her (many) years apart from Nightmare Moon.
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Even before the event, celestia has already given a wonderful speech.
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Who doesn't like gothic stories?
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Tia is so cute, it's a shame i realized THAT after 17 fuc years.....
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oh don't play innocent with us tia you are the god of the sun you know you have sent many ponies to burn in the light. 
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How do you come up with this stuff? XD
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That was great I still have to wait for the release in America but looking forward to the new episodes after the Hiatus.
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It was cute when Pinkie blushed.
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They don't have to be comdemned.  Any ol' spirits will do.
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Oh my, I actually lol'd when I read the bit about the mane XD
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Good night, Pinkie :D :D :D
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How does yours and Lunas manes work
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