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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Spider-Mare

What ever happened to the Mare Do Well idea? I wasn't a fan of the episode, but the idea is sound. Why not pass the mask and cape to another pony. Could be fun. At least let the IDW comics tackle it. :)

This idea comes from me getting to play the newest Spider-Man game. I never got to play Spider-Man 2, so the experience of web-slinging through digital New York is a fun, new experience. I hope everyone can do something fun this weekend.

Original credit for Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight goes to :iconundead-niklos. And the Manehatten buildings vector comes courtesy of :iconboneswolbach::
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Not a fan of Spider-Man.  Sorry, Pinkie.
Yeah the idea of a Clone Saga spoof or acknowledgement is something I've been interested in finding online since seeing Clone Pinkie in TSRR.

Now we just need to see her in a 90s style get up with her mane and tail died blonde and claiming to be Pinkie's long lost cousin.
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I prefer to think of Mare do Well being like Hit from Dragon Ball Super Hit by Darko-simple-ART  
Mare-Do-Well could be like Black Panther, except not in the MCU where he publicly revealed his identity in his first appearance.
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Pinkie would be an adorable superhero :XD:

Yeah, it'd be nice to see them do something more with the Mare-do-Well idea. Heck, I'd watch that! 
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So, who's her arch-enemy? The Green Griffon? Doctor Octavia? Mr. Kingpin?
I would love to see Pinkie going around being Mare Do Well doing the batman thing though with probably goofier seeming gadgets.
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Nice little story. However, Pinkie has the ability to slow down gravity around her from Too Many Pinkies.
She runs on Who Framed Roger Rabbit rules: not at any time, only when it was funny.
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Okay, I'm no brony but this is pretty good!
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Admission is free!
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Absolutely love that comment
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i say its silver quill like how he dressed up as that pony in nightmare night 2014
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The Spider and the Caped Crusader.
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Everypony gets one...
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Pity they don't use the Mare-Do-Well idea anymore. It had so much potential.

Ugh, the Clone saga... The only thing I hate more is the "One More Day" bullcrap.

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Spider Ponk needs her amazing friends too!
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The comment by SPB2015 is quite interesting. In watching some of the new Ducktales dad mentions Reddy Kilowatt and then I start watching SpiderMan - Kilowatt Kaper - Episode 12. Then I see this! :iconapplejackwhutplz:
Quite a good one all the same. :iconapplejackplz:
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