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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Solutions

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Here's a story that took on a life of its own. I had a vector of Shoeshine handy and thought, "What can I do with this pony?" Very little fan trivia about her, but a card in the official game said that she watches out for Fluttershy's animals while the latter is away on an adventure. So I thought this conflict would be very natural.

But then I realized that I've been shifting the spotlight away from Pinkie a lot lately. I needed to get her involved. So, true to her character, she escalated the situation to where I was adding a lot more ponies than originally intended. It's a example of how characters can write themselves.

So I hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy tomorrow's episode!

Thanks again to :iconboneswolbach: for the background:

And as always thanks to :iconundead-niklos:, who started Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. Goodnight all!
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Only Pinkie could shanghai the Princess and get away with it. 😁
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Panels 2 and 3. That's classic Pinkie Pie. I feel like I haven't seen her in ages.
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The 4th wall breaks intensifies.
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Seems Celestia has gotten over her Pinkaphobia now.
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Number of Fimfics have Tia trying to avoid Pinkie's impossible imposing appearances from strange places. She develops an erratic fear of it.
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The fear of Pinkie pie. No clue why this is after, Pinkie is second best mane six.
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Yep... DO NOT give Pinkie Pie alicorn powers again. She's already OP... ^^;:XD:
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Truer words have never been said.
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'Tia's just happy to be involved in something other than paperwork.
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I'm going to miss this so much....

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Silver Quill has said I think in the last one that he wants or will (I forget which) continue this post show ending
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I'm surprised she didn't kidnap Treehugger or Mr. McColt, they know how to deal with animals!
TheKoboldNecromancer's avatar
Pinkie Pie has the power that everyone wants: the power to make fetch quests over and done with in an instant.  ;)
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Thats like the "Batman-has-everything-for-every-situation-on-his-belt-Joke"
Pinkie has the right pony for the right idea.
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Me: But how are we gonna get more episodes to-


*Brings M.A Larson and Big Jim*

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Pinkie Pie, why? How? 

...There is really no point questioning Pinkie.
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That was cute, nicely done.
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How in the Wide World of Equestria and Beyond was Pinkie able to lift Celestia like that?!! SHE'S SO HEAVY XD
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How the hell was she able to drag her from Canterlot and back in less than five seconds?
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
Then again.... she is Pinkie though. :P
TheThunder115's avatar
I'm just answering a question with a question. Pinkie makes no sense... ever. XD
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