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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Smoozer

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Published: May 4, 2019
Ah, the Smooze. I remember watching the original My Little Pony movie and hearing that song several times. This innocent, smiling pile of gak is a very different character.

But that's the fun of a new generation. You can honor the old while witnessing and celebrating the new. This includes seeing the newer Tirek and Grogar working together. Funny how the new counsel of evil is 50–50 G1 and G4 characters.

Thanks once again to :iconboneswolbach: for the Ponyville background:

And to :iconzutheskunk: for some of the gems featured in the falling money:

Of course, thanks as ever to Pinkie Pie Says Goondnight creator :iconundead-niklos:!

Have a great night and enjoy tomorrow's episode!
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Wow, this is awesome! I love it!
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SharkGirl15Hobbyist Photographer
Go Diamond Tiara
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Glad to see what happened to the Rich's bitchess!
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Do you plan on concluding your Season 5 running gag with 'Castle le' Quille' while reviewing Season 9 Silver?
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CRWithersHobbyist Photographer
Just a heads up, that Canada is running 2 eps a week... again... They just started season 9 yesterday... but if they keep going then they will catch up and might pass the USA.... (Sorry Pinkie...)
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MLP-Silver-QuillHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, double-dang it. Here we go again!
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CRWithersHobbyist Photographer
they only just started... so it will be a while (next week will be ep 3 and 4)  so maybe they will hold it back so they hit the summer hiatus at the same time...
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MLP-Silver-QuillHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm doubtful. We only just saw the sixth episode of the season so they could catch up very quickly.
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CRWithersHobbyist Photographer
Fair enough
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MLP-Silver-QuillHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dear. It appears Italy will beat us all to the mid-season hiatus. What a strange event these past few seasons.
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CRWithersHobbyist Photographer
KAWAT3NGUSANStudent General Artist
Diamond Tiara look so cute in this comic.
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kahnac Artist
We sure Diamond Tiara wasn't born to be an ambassador, or negotiator? Because she really has the knack for it.:D
Quinkenguard's avatar
It would be interesting to see Diamond Tiara if they make another schoolhouse episode with the CMC's.

I would like to see how she's trying to adjust from being stuck up to the "pony she wants to be".
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kaisernathan1701Hobbyist General Artist
Cool comic :)
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Oof. Well look who's gonna be broke now.
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That was cute and funny.
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
It's nice to see Diamond Tiara here. I wonder if we'll see her again in the show? Or, rather, hear her again in the show, because she will have a role in the upcoming "Spirit of the Forest" comic series that starts this month.
And we will see her again in Generation 5? "honor the old while witnessing and celebrating the new" made sense with the early generations of My Little Pony, because they needed an overhaul with the terrible quality they had, but Generation 4 is brilliant and can show us so much more of Equestria. It would be a waste, too much potential that would be washed down the drain with a redundant reboot.
I hope we will see Diamond Tiara again in a proper Generation 5 that isn't a reboot.
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Hooray for diamond tiara 
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the Smooze is cute little 
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This theme sums up the raining bits...…

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I hope DT plays a part again in some episode before it's over. Mustn't even big a big one, just be there again and be relevant.
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