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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Sleepless

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you'll enjoy a good rest and a fun episode tomorrow.

Today's comic is made possible by :iconComeha: and the background vector Chrystal Empire Throne Room #2.

Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight and for giving me permission to continue the tradition!
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Oh no shining armor can break the 4th wall when he have little sleep
I-AM-LOLCAT's avatar
Shining armour looks like me when I pull a all-nighter for my Art Exam.....So that’s how bad I look.....
KabutoRaijerFan's avatar
Shining Armor looks like drunk Nostalgia Critic during the IT (1990) review
CT-2525's avatar
Despite not being a real fan of Shining Armor, I do like it when he's in stressed papa mode.
marinus18's avatar
I am still not fond of them having made Shining such a dolt. He doesn't have to be perfect but he was a captain of the guard so I would think he would be capable enough to get that job.
CT-2525's avatar
Either have him leave his job or make him more competent, and smarter, if he stays. Is that too much?
marinus18's avatar
That's what I mean but I more so meant his mentality. I would think he would have a soldier's mentality which is purely practical. You do this because it's the best solution and the moral implications is not something a soldier thinks about. If his superior tells him to massacre innocent civilians he will do so. In combat after all any hesitation or questioning of orders will lead to the army getting killed in the field so obedience has to be immediate and absolute. The commander doesn't have the time to carefully discuss everything with his soldiers and in war there often isn't a right thing to do as you don't have all the information. The commander just has to make a decision and go for it as not deciding is always wrong.
It would fit him and that absolute and ruthless mentality would be balanced out by his wife who would keep a sense of humanity and mercy to their joint rulership. Cadance would be his moral compass and they would compliment each other. Him being short sentenced and efficient and she being diplomatic and charismatic. Cadance would also rely on him to balance her so that she doesn't get too merciful or inefficient. Criminals have to be punished and you sometimes have to be somewhat rude to ponies to get stuff done in a reasonable time.
funny shining armor
Omnifighter1's avatar
Quick, that stallion needs 30CCs of tranquilizer, STAT! 
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Get the Acme Anti-Delirium gun!!!
*shoots a three-pointer paper ball at Pinkie*
Kobe!! >8)
CerinHero2000's avatar
*takes Shining Armor to bed. More like carry*
KannaAsa's avatar
Oh my horse, he's gone How i met your Mother! There were only the Bubbles missing XD 
smithers888's avatar
"is anyone actually going to translate this?" Pinkie Pie, surely you know us well enough that you don't need to ask that! I bet at least half the readers will at least look for a translation in the comments and plenty will translate it for themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some here who don't even need a chart to translate it.

Also, interesting switch from all caps to all lowercase. Apart from one correctly capitalised "I" and one "I'm", despite the incorrect uses of "i" and "i'm" previously.
TeamInTheDarkness's avatar
... i will go ahead and get the Zelda Lullaby... somepony needs rest... stat.... * plays the Zelda Lullaby *
Yes, duh. What a silly question.
Eclipse-mythbuster's avatar
... Two Teenage friends of mine are having a baby. I don't like the idea of them at the moment 
wildhawk441's avatar
Panel 7 minus the Windings text and Pinkie Pie is what might happen at certain points during a sunny day inside the Crystal Empire's castle! That thing is a giant rainbow refracting machine! They live in a huge prism!

You add the fish-eye perspective and Panel 8's funhouse mirror look and the mystery begins: is this 'sleep-deprived Shining vision' or is he .... whoa, man....
trippin' balls....
DrWhoFan611's avatar
I wonder if he's talking to us or if he's seeing things.
crazyzukofangirl1280's avatar
Here is what the Wingdings translates to: 

hello?  shining armour? i'm really worried about how you look. I mean, sure, it's funny as all get out and I hope everyone is having a good laugh. but I think they'd stop laughing if a heap. have you talked to cadence about all of this? Now that I think about it, have you and cadence gotten to take at all? what with her running the empire and you…

um... w hat do you do exactly? I'm not really sure anymore. are you still the captain of the royal guard? more importantly, is anyone actually going to translate this?

Mad--Munchkin's avatar
Shining Armour looks like how I felt throughout Brony Con.
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