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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Set Piece

Ponies are terrifying. Think about it. Sure, the Storm King was in the wrong for invading and stealing their magic. But after his defeat? They parade his shattered, stone body in the middle of a party and I could totally see him filling the pedestal in the garden that once featured Discord.

I am currently terrified of these pastel equines beyond all reason. I hope at least this comic can help you become aware of my fear.

All this–dark interpretations included–is thanks to the comic series started by :iconundead-niklos:. Not sure he'd want to be thanked in this way, but there you go. Have a goodnight and I hope tomorrow's episode is a fun one!
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Yeah, the ponies are suprisingly terrifying when you think about it
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Way to pink it up, Pinkie. :/
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Pinkie Pie does not comprehend an intimidation powerplay.
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He dead! Twice! 
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Ha ha ha! This is really nice! ^^
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That was cute, nicely done.
Frankly, it might be better if ponies spoke a little less softly and carried a stick that was not quite so big. It ends up being easy to forget that they are the most powerful nation in the world, so they have to compensate by being extra-forceful when they are forced to make a demonstration of that fact.
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Don't worry, Pinkie. He is already dead anyway. The only reason Celestia glued him together and put him there is that his corpse may serve as a warning to any potential villains and enemies of Equestria to never do any invasion attempts.
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CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
And I third this! Wait.....
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Awe the Storm King. The first on screen death of the franchise.
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What about King Sombra?
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Also, in the scene in the movie where Capper used Spike as a flame thrower, in the background you can actually see one of the Storm Beasts falling and being completely consumed by the fire.

Yup, Spike has a kill count.
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Leave him smashed. ¬3¬
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(OoC: .... And nothing of value was lost)
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*Pinkie hears Twilight and Spike practicing their cover of Do the Propeller.*

[Twilight Sparkle and Spike]
Do the propeller
Do the propeller
Do the propeller around and around

Do the propeller
Do the propeller
Do the propeller around and around

Pinkie Pie: Oh, and by the way, Moondancer will be in next week's episode.
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I always thought he actually died when he shattered, but who knows what they had in mind hehe
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Pretty sure his army is as broken up as his body ^^;
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Simple yet hilarious goodnight! I can sleep in peace now! :D
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Smashing. That's all I can say.
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Pinkie Pie, you can ask the TF2 Medic for help with that one... :XD:
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funny pinkie pie
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