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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Season 7

The time has come to wish Pinkie a good rest after a very full season. Double episodes, leaks, crossovers, and so much more.

I enjoy making these comics but I also look forward to not having a deadline every Friday and Saturday. These do require a lot of energy.

Thank you for walking with me through these comics and I hope you've enjoyed season 7!

Boneswolbach :iconboneswolbach: provided the background for Pinkie Pie's secret lair.
Pinkies Secret Lair by BonesWolbach

And Undead Niklos:iconundead-niklos: will always have the fandom's thanks for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight.
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I just love the part where cherlie grades her suiters love letters

bazla1236's avatar
That was so touching 
theflotinghead's avatar
I really appreciate these.
Mokey1980s's avatar
A week late, but I most certainly did enjoy Season 7. And your comics really had some pretty solid morals to go with the jokes. I hope to be able to see more if you decide to do them.
BBBHuey's avatar
Castle Guard Flash Sentry Hi Ya Emoticon. "Yay! I served a purpose!"
Eskerata's avatar
Thanks for making these! Being funny every week is hard work, but you've done a fine job. I look forward to your future projects.Cuphead - King Dice (Bunny)Lenny Face Cuphead - King Dice (Bunny)Lenny Face 
zfragger's avatar
Well another season is in the archives. Now all that is left to do is STORM THE FAN FICTION.
FralLeman's avatar
 Pinkie pie (The map!) plz Only till Spring! 
sailormarsfan1702's avatar
silver will you be doing the equestria girls series on youtube?
SeriousJupiter's avatar
And what a great season it was! Thanks for all these Goodnights! :D
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
A totally awesome, if leaky, season!
Please return for Season 8!
QueerTrekker's avatar
You create some awesome material my friend, you really make media analysis enjoyable, keep up the good work!
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Into the new year we go!
Helsaabi's avatar
Aww it's final season 7 today? Whatever,I'm looking forward new season 8 future :)
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great, I always love your good nights.
ShadowLoverForever1's avatar
Wrose: *hugs pinkie and is not letting go.* "no pinkie i don't want the good nights to end!" *tears up some* "can.. can u at least pop in  at least once or so; while we wait for season 8 to start and say like a little hi and a good night n such. like you did with that little hiatus." *sniffles* "cause we will miss you too much otherwise."

(i was literally in tears :tears: by the end panel. i just hope i am not the only one that will miss pinkie saying good night to us. at least till season 8 starts.)

( sometime in 2018 but they dont say when in 2018. for all we know to will start in like August of 2018. though they might, but i really doubt it, start it in January; or the spring. could be spring but we don't know till they say the date. so yeah.)

( if pinkie said good night at thanksgiving and at x-mas time that would be wonderful. but it is up to you and the ones that help with the comic if they would be willing to do so. <3)
CerinHero2000's avatar
pretty awesome memories 
Timmy-22222001's avatar
I love this fandom in every shape, way and form.  Hats off to the absolute wonder that is Pinkie Pie says goodnight.  Cartoon ponies or not, each ones of these definitely left me with a smile. ^-^

Oh, and cheers to 7 fantastic years of ponies.  Hats off to you Silver Quill. *brohoof*  

AJR001's avatar
These comics are great. Onward to the Season 7 finale. :D
Gogogadgethat's avatar
Part of me wonders what the goodbye will be for the SERIES finale
Jacko247's avatar
Such a cutie pie.
MelonSeed11's avatar
I do so enjoy these comics :') 

Thank you for making them, and I can't wait to see more next season!
templar127's avatar
I'm gonna miss Pinkie! Here's to season 8!!
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