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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Prime Time

What can I say? I'm in a Transformers mindset.

Actually, I've wanted to do this since Hascon put out that comic where Twilight and friends help Optimus get back the Matrix of Leadership. Time and projects have delayed this idea until now.

Hope you all enjoy a good weekend. Thanks as ever to :iconundead-niklos: for passing the Matrix of Goodnights unto me.
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Optimus: The race of the homo-sapiens. Yes I have seen their violence, cruelty and greed. However, don’t forget that they two hundred thousand years into their existence. They’re still a young species with much to learn. Sometimes, they repeats their mistakes and do not see-or in some cases REFUSE to see the mistakes they have made. But even in their darkest histories: I have seen goodness in them. I have their capacity for compassion, wisdom, courage, love, honor and truth. In fact, the wisest teachers on this planet have always said in some way or another, that a true human is ALL of the fore-mentioned virtues. Sadly, like some of our kind, some of them forgot to keep all of these in their souls. Some of them became monsters… like Megatron. A too large-a-number of these monsters actually ruled in some parts of Earth’s chronicles. Today… A few still do. That said, many did learn from the mistakes of the past. There were those who even had foresight and strived to enrich this world. Remember: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. More importantly, it is a privilege. Many have honored it and do honor it today. Some have greatly abused it. Few denied it to others for various, iniquitous reasons such as prejudice. Whether freedom is a right or privilege, no one has the right to take it away from others. Criminals, corrupt leaders and lords and so forth who abuse the rights of freedom, will get what’s coming to them. This is one of the reasons why beings like us exist. We may be aliens to this planet, but we still have a responsibility. We have to save them from our war. Even though we are strangers; sometimes, a stranger can be a great teacher. Even a saviour… And perhaps soon: It will be up to us to remind them of where they stand. So then they have more knowledge on how to make progress as a civilization, so they can finally be one with each other… Like how we once were… Before the Decepticons… When we were peaceful and just… And I promise you: We will be again peaceful and just.

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Til All Are One!
This is probably my favorite from the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight series, it's so epic and so hearthwarming at the same time :)
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Where can I find the comic and can images of it be found on Google?
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Do a search on for "Hasbro's Grand Collection" and the pages should come up.
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love transformers
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Y'know, people have said that the new MLP movie is similar to the first Transformers movie from the 80s. Does that mean a lot of fan fav characters die???? OMG WHO DIES?!?!?!?
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Until that day, when all separate labels have gone the way of the dinosaurs and we're all just "The Human Race" and nothing more, I'll continue saying it. Til ALL are one!!!!
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Til ALL Are one!!!!
"One" can mean so many different things. War is a good way to create a one, but it creates that one in contrast to another one, so all cannot be one that way. Peace often means one, but not necessarily the one we want.
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Even in a comedic role like this, an Optimus monologue gives me chills. Bravo, Silver!
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Is it weird that I was able to read this with both characters' voices in my head? :shrug:
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One of your best Goodnight strips ever. You made Optimus Prime justice and made me wish this crossover would've happened when Transformers Prime was still on.
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Hmmm, I like this one.
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Love the MLP movie! Gorgeous animation, plenty of laughs and feels, and some of the best music Daniel Ingram has ever written. The weakest song was the Sia song, but it was no worse than some of the poppier EQG songs (which surprisingly I can manage to tolerate). Great villains (though the riotous Storm King had too little screen time and of course Tempest... well I won't spoil it but it's predictable what I mean) and fun side characters made it certainly worth the hype, at least to me. The only bad thing... I have to wait for it to get to video before I can see it again!!!! Really, I can't say enough good stuff about the film. Also, Derpy was the unsung hero of the movie (you'll see what I mean when you see it)!
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Very compelling argument. Guess they do have a lot in common...
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As a long time transformers fan you have earned major respect.
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Silver Quill... you have just gained endless respect points from me. MLP and Transformers in one comic is just too much for someone like me who has loved both franchises for years. Keep it up, my fine-feathered amigo!
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