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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Press Conference

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Ah, what a statement. "I wanna marry Discord..." Angel Bunny, you know not what you unleashed!

Yes, it's just a passing statement but I'm a shipping fan and so such things can't go un-noted. Either way, I thought this would be a fun little display. Hope you're having fun this weekend!

I ask that people not discuss spoilers in the comments. Not even speculation because even that can sow confusion.

If you want to look back at how this tradition started, check out :iconundead-niklos: and the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight archieve!
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I come from the future! Fluttershy and Discord is now cannon! At least it's heavily implied!   So's Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
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Scary very scary! I do owe it to Luna. That job ain't easy!
Very funny!
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She may deny it, but our animal comrades know more about us than we choose to admit. Her little laborious lagomorph wouldn't have said such a thing were there not some truth to it.
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I honestly didn't expect so many people to get upset over that silly line. Sigh. No wonder the Mane Six are still single.
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That is pretty good
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Love it! xD
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Ooh, a twisty one
Very twisty
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Doggone it, Discord! :rofl:
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That's our Discord! *laugh track*
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That was great, very nicely done.
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Joking aside...

I see Discord being the one to ask about marriage, without knowing much about it. 
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He'd probably think it's some kind of food at first.
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Ha ha! Cool.

My Fanfic have Discord "put a ring on it" by somepony, and then realize Fluttershy isn't going to live as long as he is. He tries to remove his immortality, but it goes horribly wrong and everypony having to fix it.
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Discord and flutter shy are just freinds it was a joke
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I personally don't see Fluttershy and Discord as a couple. Friends, yes, but romantic? Not really.
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Wow. Did Discord just get... fRiEnDzOnEd in his face??
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I can hear Soos right now

"Haha! Good luck sleeping tonight!"

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And I half expected Sweetie Belle to be legit
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Berry Punch's face! That is hilarious!
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