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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Plain Sight

Happy Friday to half the world. Happy Saturday to the other half!

I'm at MLP MSP F, and am glad there isn't a marathon of early airings this time around. Allows me to focus on one comic instead of seven. Good times.

Gallus fascinates me as a character who is clearly smart but doesn't want others to know. I doubt I'll get to find out why, so it's fun to explore. And Starswirl seems like the kind of pony who could delve into this further. Though I admit, a good part of this came from watching clips of Good Will Hunting. Great movie.

Once again I thank Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight's creator, :iconundead-niklos:! It's been fun to continue this tradition!
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One prob: I don't even know what my true self is.

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Will you still make Goodnight comics after the show ends?
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
I might. Need to see what shape life takes with time.
RVPMatt123's avatar
Understandable, mate. You could post them whenever you’re in the mood 😁
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Man, another good moral, I really like how you do these kinds of Goodnights. Well done =)
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Yes. So yes to this comic. Yes to Gallus. Yes to Twilight. Yes to Starswirl and his speech. We need more of these personal relationships between the students and the teachers.
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So, could Gallus then become a leader to the griffins someday? Sound possible.
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It's a shame we won't have another season to delve into these two.
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Dumbledore are you?
Eric-Michael-Kline's avatar
I get more of a Gandalf vibe.  Mostly because I've never seen or read Harry Potter.
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Starswirl’s talk with Gallus kinda reminds me of a small moment from Into The Spiderverse.  Miles got a zero on an exam, but his teacher knew he was failing on purpose because the only way he could get everything wrong was if he knew what all of the right answers were.  I don’t know if you saw that movie or based their talk on that scene but it does show how much potential Gallus has in him.
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A nice touch for Gallus! He's my fave student 6!
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That was great, very nicely done.
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I read this comic as a clever metaphor for bronies who enjoyed Gen 4 feeling at once happy and sad at the prospect of the show ending and a new generation taking its place, Starswirl standing in for bronies who've been there since Season One and Gallus standing in for the future audience of MLP! Awesome work :D
ilvbrownies's avatar
yes that is a wonderful way of looking at it, I'm closer to Gallus myself having only joined around S6 or S7, and I am sad to see it go, but at the same time I am curious to see what G5 brings to the table, and will await it with cautious optimism.
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Gallus, a “closet egghead”? That sounds interesting. I also like the appearance of the Tree House of Harmony and Starswirl’s reaction to it. I do like how Silver references continuity from season 9 like featuring Sombra in a crystal ball. Will we see Garble and Smolder in a future comic?
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saw the new episode already and yeah I can't wait to see you cry in after the fact and be snarky in bronies react to this. 

oh and gallus is a complete doofus in the part marked date he put fruit instead of yes please. seriously rookie mistake.
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Soon to be Princess...err Prince Gallus! (do griffons get alicorn horns I wonder?)

Clubhouse tree grew grew from a cutting of old tree is my headcannon...sorta...
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"Closet egghead"

GENIUS! PURE GENIUS! I must remember this. I'll probably never find an opportunity to use it, but it can't hurt to be prepared.
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(OoC: Reminds me of Shikamaru)
Reminds me of another young dragoness that I know that has something to hide.
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