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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Out of the Loop



So I had a small surprise today when Equestria Daily said the new special might air around 2 pm EST tomorrow. Not confirmed, but a high probability.

This caught me completely flat-footed. I continued the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight tradition because :iconundead-niklos:'s creation was a sort of ceremony. A nice rhythm before a new episode. I don't like leaving this empty even if the new special caught me off-guard.

So I shall post a comic no matter what! I hope you all have a great night and, if the new special is indeed tomorrow, you all enjoy it. Have a good one!

Update: Indeed, the special has aired this Friday, despite very conflicting displays on DVR schedules and websites. Bit of a frustration but I'm glad I got ahead of this. I know the world won't end if a new episode or special airs without a goodnight, but I do think that ceremony or at least rhythm is important. It's part of what makes entertainment and its characters endearing.
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yeah this was out of left field I didnt know it aired until saturday at a brony party. pretty good special I am sure the shipper loved it the most lol.