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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Old and New

I'm posting this rather late because life is complex. Not only are there new airings and early episodes abound, but we are steadily approaching Bronycon! Though I've been quite online I've been hard at work producing new goods for the convention. I hope people will enjoy them.

Much like EqG Pinkie here, I missed out on a Goodnight for the latest Equestria Girls special. Thought I'd have a few more days but–whoops!–They bumped it up even sooner! Well, I still intend to honor the US releases. Plus, this gives me an excuse to use the older vectors I made for human Pinkie Pie. Drawing the newer sunset outfit took some time. So many spikes and studs...

The thing I look forward to the most after a new special or episode is not the entertainment itself. I look forward to seeing what people can create from this new entry. Humor, insight, creativity, you name it. I've never known this community to fail in creating something new. So I hope you enjoy the special and I look forward to seeing what people create.

One of those creators is BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach: who created the Canterlot High background. Many thanks!

And the original Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight creator, :iconundead-niklos:. Wouldn't have this tradition without that creativity!
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Two Pinkies in one world

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Funny, usually, a person is their own worst therapist.
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I'm seeing double:Dizzy: 
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Sad that this is the last 
With the announcement that this special is the last one, since not even the team knew it was ending, that means this is the last time we'll get to see the Equestria Girls' Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. Denied proper finality on Equestria Girls and denied finality for them on Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. Farewell, Equestria Girls. T_T
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I wouldn't rule out the Goodnight comics. Equestria Girls may not get more releases but there's no reason the fandom can express ideas. I'm on making promises but as I type this I'm working on an updated base model for Sci-Twi.
That's reassuring in one regard. Hope you're doing well. ^_^
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They should have just asked exchange student Rutherford to snap her out of it.
I haven't watched the leaks of China, because I want to wait for the American airing, then watch the new episodes with the Italian Subtitles.
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There's Two of Them!! Run!

Ha ha.
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The first Pinkie is so damn creepy. Creepy Woody 
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That was good, very nicely done.
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me: "don't worry i'm still going to watch it"

i don't know, they could still interact with each other (remember "spring break down").
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Good thing the laws of physics don't apply to them or the EqG universe would be boned... :XD::XD:
lets face ti, a pinkie and a pinkie would normally vaporate an entire solar system
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Oh dear Celestia, TWO PINKIE PIES in the same SETTING? o_O

I think the 4th Wall is about to SHATTER PEOPLE!
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No, do you hear the crunching and cracking from an unknown direction? That is the wall where other beings watch YOUR life. The FIFTH wall is breaking. o.O
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(waves to the audience watching ME) Hi everyone! I hope I'm as entertaining as Pinkie Pie is to ME! ;) :D
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Impressive comic!!
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At first i thought she has watched "The Ring"
Okay, Humie Pinkie went full Pinkamina here. I'm not 100% convinced she didn't kill someone during that time period.
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Fun fact: at first I thought that human Pinkie got frozen (without ice) with a scream on her face. Only looking closer I realized that it's just missing eyes.
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