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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: O Canada

So, Canada, my neighbor to the north. You think you can slip an episode past without well-wishes? Challenge accepted.

But I will not greet this challenge with hostility. I will be pleased and happy for my fellow fans in the north... provided someone posts the episode later on. :)

A double-episode thanks to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!
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*Stands For the national anthem*
Zarcan's avatar
im not much about nationalism but...
Canderlot high portail to ponyville is around the country i live =D
i am sooo gona find it!!!
It finally clicked. I'm reading your words in your voice.
Omnifighter1's avatar
Reality is officially shattered.  They all broke the 4th wall!

Also, uh... yay, outsourcing?
Talbotroid's avatar
Next we will send you William Shatner!!!
maximussolini's avatar
Blame Canada! 8) (I have no idea how canadian anthem sounds like, so the only thing that came to my mind, was that South Park song 8P)
Flimflanboy's avatar
My Canadian side approves.
Personally, I'm in the camp that the Canadian station is ruining everything. I intend to wait for the proper schedule, and I don't appreciate others introducing spoilers.
Pikafan2000's avatar
At least it isn't Japan.
Fellow gamers would get what I mean by that.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I sure as hell hope this doesn't effect episode availability on Youtube. It's so frustrating having to rely on the internet to watch a show that doesn't have an official internet source. I guess since I make fairly good money having to spend $2-3 on an episode isn't too bad providing it happens very sparingly.
Praetor-Dex's avatar
As a Canadian, I love this. And they look adorable dressed as Mounties.
Shadow-DJ's avatar
Welp...then they can have ALL OF THIS!…
destroyer696's avatar
Can't wait for some shit to happen so I can sing "Blame Canada, Blame Canada"... South Park any1
Toxicgambit's avatar
this was the most precious thing EVER!!
D-Rock92's avatar
What a loophole.
Anime-94's avatar
So Meta......I LOVE IT!!!!
LunaticDawn's avatar
Leaked episodes? Canada ruins everything. Grump 
Nova225's avatar
Wait, Silverquill does these things ? Huh ? I never realized, before now.
Ajedi32's avatar
Two episodes _every_ weekend? That's news to me. I thought it was _just_ this weekend, then the following weeks the schedule continues as normal (except they're a week ahead). If it _is_ two every weekend it's not gonna be long before they _can't_ keep up that schedule anymore, since IIRC season 7 is actually still in production.
XaldinWolfgang's avatar
Be leave it or not am actually half Canadian Silver. ;)
wildhawk441's avatar
OK, when I scrolled onto panel 11 and saw Fluttershy as a Canadian Mountie (if you're in the dark as to that reference, do an Image search for Dudley Do-right - that will enlighten you) I did an internal squee for cuteness overload!

I'm aware that all six look adorable as they sing Canada's national anthem (oddly enough, I just heard it this past weekend while watching the Senators-Rangers game on NBC); but the image of Fluttershy's mane (and the subtle heart outline) against the Mountie red is a perfect color mesh!
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