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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: No Spoilers!

The best laid plans of ponies and... whatever I am. My intent was to do some of these comics during the hiatus but a couple family emergencies and personal health wrecked that for a while. Things are more settled now and I'm looking forward to helping Pinkie wish everyone a goodnight before a new episode!

Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos:, the original creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight! And to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach:, who created the Ponyville background.

Before the season starts, sound off in the comments which characters you'd like to see guest star alongside Pinkie!
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So, was the first Pinkie Pie really Rainbow Dash in a disguise? Or has the Mirror Pool gotten better at making doubles? 

Ah what the heck, it's funnier not to know. :XD: 
wildhawk441's avatar
Yeah, Pinkie? This is the kind of bizzaro-off-the-rails side of you I stay away from!

And that S7 finale? SHUT UP! I (much the same as Rarity) detest spoilers, but don't take my word for it!
Rarity - NO Spoilers by TomFraggle
James-wonderbolt's avatar
yea there was anthor pinkie pie i last season or was it the season before that 
LPSRoseThorne's avatar
Wait... Does this mean that there is ANOTHER Pinkie Pie?
Starbat's avatar
It seems they missed one of the duplicates from Season 3.
LPSRoseThorne's avatar
Yup. And there may be more...
Stormknight821's avatar

Yeah, there- there are a lot more they missed .-.

NelsonDemifur's avatar
The problem is, she would totally do this
Azurelong's avatar
Hard to believe the show has come this far. This season will air its 150th episode and I can't wait to see when the hit that mark.

P.S. when you get around to the full "Spice Up Your Life" review, are you going to reference the Food Critic Guidelines from the Association of Food Journalists?
peachmlplover's avatar
Oh no... One of the clones survived! Kill it with fire! 🔥 
alexwarlorn's avatar
Well, it's either that, or Twilight dies first, or they all die together. Since "Twilight won't outlive her friends."
CharaViolet's avatar
Or the connection between the mane 6 and the elements of harmony make them immortal with Twilight, even if they aren't alicorns.
Or she's just not immortal.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Uh. Dude.

If she's not immortal, and it's said she won't outlive her friends. Then that means they either all die together, or she dies first. 
I think they meant she wouldn't outlive her friends in the sense that she'd remain mortal. NOT in the sense that they'd all die/she'd die first. Not that that'd be shown on screen anyway, considering the show's rating.
alexwarlorn's avatar
"Not that that'd be shown on screen anyway, considering the show's rating."

That's true, so we have no way to really settle this. So I think it's best to agree to disagree. 

Maverickwolfzx's avatar
To many plot twist.
RaptecClawtooth's avatar
Season seven: Silver quill appears in the show but change their sex in a magical accident, in the end get married with firebrand by Dr. Wolf 
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
Yay more Pinkie! 
Mokey1980s's avatar
Pretty funny, you had me going throughout the whole strip

Well played =p
SeriousJupiter's avatar
I am so ready for another season of me forgetting to check these things before watching the new episodes! BRING IT ON!
Helsaabi's avatar
XD hahah I'm glad Pinkie pie goodnight return <3

Hmm I can suspect which human Pinkie pie who turn into pony. 
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