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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Moving Forward

I didn't get many chances to draw the old Changeling design. Nice to revisit it. Episodes like To Change a Changeling and Ocellus' character have helped me become more fond of the newer designs. I decided to see how the new look would fare with a warmer red color scheme.

As for the name "Loogie", I tried to think of the most indignant name one could bestow when terms like thorax and pharynx are body parts. This is just a slimy step removed. I'm hoping other folks can cook up a better name. :)

Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos: for giving me permission to continue Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. I hope you all have a great night and enjoy tomorrow's episode(s)!
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Omnifighter1's avatar
I can't get over the fact that he looks like pink-skinned turtle from the front.
Daybreak-Fan's avatar
Pinkie does kill a lot of moments that way.
SuperSaiyanD's avatar
That's hilarious, lol. And I actually love Loogie's design.
AJR001's avatar
For being prey to most other creatures in this world, ponies are surprisingly VERY resilient as a species. :XD:
Oatscene's avatar
Maybe Mandible?
Ossultous's avatar
I am thinking Either

CHITIN:  Seeing as he was resistant to the 'Big Change' and more or less withdrew himself from his society and erected physical and mental barriers to shield himself from his past...


MANDIBULUS: Owing to his *ahem* chatty nature and 'sharp' words...
Gungelion's avatar
Who would've thought there was another changeling didn't get the memo.
D-Blue02's avatar
Another fine "Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight" segment, Silver Quill!  Good job!

Hmmmm... what to name a changeling.  How about... Tarsus?  If that doesn't work, there's Larnyx, Trachea, Tibia, Femur, Trochanter, or Coxa.
starsparrow03's avatar
  A good name. Hmm... How about Aculeus? It's the stinger of a scorpion. If that doesn't work, then maybe Telson. What do you think?

  I loved this one a lot, and I was genuinely shaken by how you handled Thorax, and how you didn't overdo his assertiveness. I also love "Loogie's" color scheme: I think it's about time we've seen a Changeling like him. Keep being awesome! /)
uncommentator's avatar
I wanna see a group of original changelings who aren't evil but are fine with the way they are and don't become the brightly colored ones.
leifj2009's avatar
I wonder who's gonna wish us good night with pinkie, for the holiday special and the Equestria girls spring break special?
MisAnthroPony's avatar
I think I'd name him Timothy. Think it'd be a nice name?
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
I say we call him brain and have him hang out with Pinkie
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Thank you for another season of this delightful series, Silver Quill. You're awesome.

I think Loogie's new name should be Gall.
AnimationLiberation's avatar
Give Loogie a creepy mask and call him "Vendetta." He'll spare the rod, and he'll spoil the hippogriff. YA!
How about Epiglottis?
RainbowShineLove's avatar
Honestly I suggest something akin to Blaze, or Fury for him. He seems like one with a flaming temper, but perhaps that's just me.
If we want to symbolize change and a fresh start, clearly we should call him "Chrysalis."

Hmm. Perhaps "Pupa" then.
kiikrindar's avatar
That's still funny to me, because in Polish "pupa" beans "butt"
AceWissle's avatar
"A lot of things tried to devour me"
I bet even some ponies tried to eat her in her time . . . and maybe she even let some of them. She loves fun after all ~~

Anyway, Thorax said in one panel:
"I thought I'd just hate back you forever"
shouldn't that be
"I thought I'd just hate you back forever"
AceWissle's avatar
That's not the kind of eating I meant :P
eveningskiess's avatar
tigreanpony's avatar
That was funny, very nicely done.
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