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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Lost in Translation

Happy Friday one and all! Hope it's been a good week.

I'm back from vacation and so it's time for full-scale Pinkie Pie comics once again. Because of the early Russian release I'm betting more than a few of you have already seen this episode, as have I. But I'm looking forward to hearing the episode in English.

On the topic of languages, a friend online helped translate Pinkie's dialog. Doubtless there will be folks who want to offer a correction or reinterpretation, but I'm not redoing this comic as with the Polish goodnight a few weeks back. I've done all I can to respect the Russian language, but there has to be a stopping point.

That said, here are Pinkie's lines in English:

1: Hi everypony! Happy brand-new weekend!
I’m in the Everfree Forest today. Which might seem bad, but this place has really mellowed out.
3: (No dialog)
That’s really nice of you, Zecora!
I’m talking Russian in honor of our friends who got to see an early-release.
I don’t wanna be cranky about it, but this has happened an awful lot.
But that just means some of us get to enjoy the episode in two languages.
So whether you’re seeing it for the first time ever, or the first time in English...
We hope you have a really good night and a fun day tomorrow!
Goodnight, everypony!
Zecora, when did you learn to speak Russian?

Be sure to check out :iconundead-niklos: who originally created Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. And thanks to :iconboneswolbach: for creating Everfree Forest Pan by BonesWolbach.
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