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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Long Distance

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And so the tradition begins again! I haven't done these for the YouTube shorts but that's because YouTube is an on-demand viewing. The whole point of these Goodnight comics was to celebrate a specific air time where you knew that other fans were watching. Be it on a livestream or the Hub and later Discovery Family, there was a small sense of unity.

So with a new special airing as a specific time tomorrow, I think now's a perfect time to bring back this comic. We'll see what adventures await Pinkie and others across season 9.

Thanks to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach: for drawing Canterlot High and Ponyville!

This tradition started with :iconundead-niklos:, and Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight was a part of my early fandom experience. I hope it will be special for old and newer fans as well. Have a good night and enjoy tomorrow's special!
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(PANEL 2) Nice ATHF Refence
CerinHero2000's avatar
someone better catch Pony Pinkie 
LightReading2's avatar
only way this would be even better is if Gen 3  Pinkie showed up to comfort pony pinkie
Zorbonaut's avatar
It is too late to repent; the fates of all have already been determined.
TheforgottenSiren's avatar
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Huh, thought Season 10 would be the last, but oh well.  Figured it was ending soon either way.  Looking forward to seeing what G5 has in store for us all.
Granpapony's avatar
Thanks for doing these, Silver, I really enjoy them!
Toonwatcher's avatar
Don’t worry, Pinkie: your world lives on so long as it’s remembered, and I expect to remember it for some time.
CrazyKiwiProductions's avatar
omg pinky, were you always hiding your smartness?
BB-K's avatar
Pony Pinkie got freaked out. :o
templar127's avatar
Pony Pinkie has seen the Ponypocalypse! XD
AceWissle's avatar
I would have thought Pony Pinkie would rather go sad / depressed Pinkamena with that knews instead, seems more in character to me.
But this here is funnier ofc

We're gonna need all the fun we can get with S9 ending the show
Pony Pinkie wasn't ready.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
'Plot convenience mode'? Man I wish my phone had that but then again...
ScottWolf's avatar
Now I'm picturing Pinkie with one of those signs people have in apocalypse movies.
KannaAsa's avatar
She just plugged a Kabel..... To the Dimension crossing Portal... And created an Dimension Phone....

pokemon-fireevee's avatar
BramGroatonDA's avatar
I love the idea of the two Pinkies talking to each other. 
zfragger's avatar
Hasbro: Computer activate Self destruct. Authorization code 667 tango

Show writers: Computer confirm self destruct 452 discord

Hasbro: Set auto destruct to season nine. Authorization Unicron.

The Self destruct sequence has been activated. Repeat the self destruct sequence has been activated this sequence may not be aborted. All cannon characters report to the fandom train on the bottom platform. Repeat all cannon characters report to the proper fandom.
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That was good. :D
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great and funny.
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