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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Kelping Out

A new episode this Friday? You shan't thwart me, summer specials!

I dreamt this up in honor of my favorite Ducktales episode. Loving this re-envisioned series. And the episode featuring Briar and Bramble has some of the best humor and conflict.

Thanks as ever to :iconundead-niklos: for creating the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight tradition.

Hope you all enjoy the special episode. Have a good one!
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ArcCahlon's avatar
new series coming soon. My little kelpies drowning is magic.
MLP-Trinary's avatar
By the way: if you could incorporate the deranged-looking unicorn from 'Gravity Falls' ("Celestabellebethabelle"): Celestabellebethabelle by goosetooth
and the, um, exuberant Flying Princess Pony Head from 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil': Flying Princess Pony Head by Star-Butterfly

In future comics, that would be AMAZING. Would be a great way for Pinkie to meet new friends and show the huge impact MLP:FiM has had in animated series outside of it.

Also, you should totally be watching those shows, and the new Duck Tales, anyway. They are awesome.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Not gonna get any drownings there, kelpies. But at least you're gonna get a lot of friendship - quite enjoyed the episode! :rofl:
spamer921's avatar
OOOOhhh today is Friday i can wait to see if is already on

btw: in the ducktales 2017 epidose where those kelpies appear the purple one is voiced by Andrea Lidman and the Pink one is voiced by Sara Strog

and that's why this page is so great

****sadly that new episode haven't came out yet; Sliver quill ,you diabolical master mind, how do you dare to give me so much hype?.
Raiju-onna's avatar
hah I see what you did there.
ChrisCmoney's avatar
Not even getting Tara Strong and Andrea Libman to parody their own roles could save the episode for me. Much like the series in general, it was mainly spent on shilling Dewey over Scrooge, even though Scrooge is supposed to be the main character. And if it's not Dewey getting all the preferential treatment from the writers, then it's Webby instead.
wildhawk441's avatar
Good on you, Silverstream. Keep the kelpies in check!
techno-mlp's avatar
when I read the second panel, I said "oh god no"
princebluemoon3's avatar
I'm guessing the purple pony is one of the Pinkie haters. 
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
She's voiced by Andrea Libman herself. So in a sense she is closer to Pinkie than others. A little in-joke. ;)
Lelia94's avatar
Those poor kelpies can never fulfill their murderous desires 
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Ah, wonderful. This is crossover humor done right! Poor Briar and Bramble, though.
nicklaich's avatar
I think they were deliberately messing with us when they made Tara Strong's character pink and Andrea Libman's purple.
EqDBot's avatar
I absolutely adored the old Ducktales back in the day... so I take it the new show is worth giving a shot?
PhoenixKnight96's avatar
it is so worth it, they have David Tennant voicing Scrooge McDuck
Mokey1980s's avatar
The crossover man, the crossover, she's a real! I really should watch the new Ducktales show, it's enjoyable from the little I seen so far, but sadly I have no idea where to watch it other than prime time TV (which I am not always available for)
"You Pull a club out of a Scotsman's Hands, you'd best be prepared to Knock Him Out with it!"

Best Scrooge McDuck Line Yet!
Thax10's avatar
If you want to do a proper “Goodnight Everybody” get Rob Paulsen
Miguel-GAMING-123's avatar
"pinkie pie says"

is that a "sonic says" knockoff?
arthunter3's avatar
It's an unfortunate cowinidence, I'm sure.
ShinyPika23's avatar
"You people are no fun."

Really that episode is beautiful just because Fluttershy is trying to kill people. And not with kindness. XD
Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
Ah, yes, Dielight and Murdershy. My two favourite kelpies.
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