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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Incognito

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Pinkie Pie, master of disguise, is here to wish you all a good night!

Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos: for giving me permission to continue the series Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!
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Is this :iconsketchychangeling:'s cousin Kevin?
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Oh, Kevin you troll
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Kevin was so much right about Chrysalis... I mean in season 6 finale she revealed her true motive.
...but wait Kevin and Pinkie has known each other? I mean, maybe if he lived in Ponyville she surely know him but... she never know he is a changeling? With her intuition? Well maybe it once fail when it comes to changeling but still with this "You put so much love"...
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This was awesome :D
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Silver........... thank you.    Thank you for taking initiative and showing that not all of us changelings are evil monsters.  ...... it means a lot ~ Sincerely and with gratitude, Compound-Eyes...........better known as Moonshadow Mystery (the changeling)
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I would like to see someone do a Thoraz meets Kevin
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LOL! Kevin the changeling says goodnight.
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Lies! You're not Kevin! You're one of the jerks who invaded Canterlot! You can't fool me, I see the jerk-shaped holes in your legs. Unless of course you're disguising yourself as a jerk . . .
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You shouldn't save your images as JPGs. JPGs degrade the quality of
images to get smaller file sizes. Your artwork would look better if you
saved it as PNGs. And resaving a JPG as a PNG doesn't reverse it; it has
to be saved as a PNG from the beginning. Also, they don't scale up or
down very well.
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Kevin and Thorax should get together sometime.
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I'm really against this. I love the changelings in the comic and I think they are much cooler being evil. I like reformation stories in fanfictions but it's one of those things that have to stay in fanfiction. I hope this will be an exception.
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kinda like the outcasts from lion king 2. that's how i saw this ep
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I agree.

The really bad thing now would be if the season finale brought the return of Chrysalis and she got reformed. Along with all her changelings. Leaving Equestria again with one major enemy short...

If it's just Thorax, then I can live with that. Thorax just happened to be the "runt of the litter". He simply didn't share his siblings desire to steal love.

I can even buy that Thorax wants to try and seek out other changelings like him who wants to share love instead of taking it. Perhaps even form his own little hive cluster. Of course, that's IF he can accomplish that task. Better have it end with him saying he wants to try, and just leave the rest to our imagination.

And long as the show doesn't reveal that changelings could produce their own love all this time, I'd be even more happy with it. Changelings wouldn't need steal love if they could make it themselves. That solution just makes them dumb for not trying and all their invasion efforts a complete waste of time...
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The main thing that make the changelings so interesting is that there is no easy solution as they are indeed parasites. However just because they are parasites doesn't mean they have no right to live. That's what made them so interesting for fanfictions; there was no easy solution as they are parasites but they also are fully sentient equines. It's the kind of dilemma that the show just can't tackle and it shouldn't tackle. Fanfictions can tackle it because they can be far longer and have much darker and mature elements in them. The biggest problem now is that the show tries to do things fanfictions do and it's something with the length and age restrictions they just can't.

I can accept him being able to live off the love in the crystal empire quite easily but the season finale greatly worries me and it will hurt them no matter what they do. They shouldn't have introduced the changelings again in this way at all. This will hurt the changelings no matter what they do.
Chrysalis is still my favorite villain because she's by far the most interesting.
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Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

And you're right about that there shouldn't be an easy solution. Whether they are good or bad, changelings are basically parasites. Horse-flies that feed of ponies.

While we don't like them, we can't really change them from being what they are.
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yes, that's what makes them so interesting.
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Thorax and Kevin.
I get the feeling when a new Changeling is born, Chrysalis flips a bit over which book to use:
Baby Names or Elementary Biology.
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that is hilarious xD
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so cute, but seriously: Kevin???

Sorry, but i am used to the german saying "Kevin is Not a name, it's a Diagnose"
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