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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Homeward Bound

Happy Friday, folks! This comic is a necessity. We're closing in on the season 8 finale and so it's time to get Pinkie Pie home.

I'm losing track of how many comics I've drawn for this season alone. Even though I've covered fewer seasons than :iconundead-niklos:, I've produced more comics due to all the earlier releases these last few seasons. I enjoy telling these stories, but I think I'll welcome the haitus as a chance to refocus while dreaming up new scenarios.

So have a great weekend and if tomorrow's new episode is either brand-new or a revisit for you, I hope you have fun!

Thanks to :boneswolbach: for the Ponyville background:
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I agree, I would be fizzled out in the brain department if I had drawn and thought up the plot for all of these. Personally, I am gonna welcome the hiatus myself
AJR001's avatar
Didn't pinkie pilot a helicopter way back? I wonder what happened with it? :XD:
templar127's avatar
Awww! I wanna see moar of Pinkie's Ploon!
TorturedArtist745's avatar
You'll just have to wait till next year.
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Oh, man. Another season coming to an end, but another great comic.
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Take your time fine feathered friend.   You've done great for the season of comics for the season of the series.   And they've been from hilarious to truly moving.    Just hope that you're doing well our punching-bag proned hippogriff.  
qjosh's avatar
I like you work. Do think lighting blss part kerin
NintenCano's avatar
Goodnight Pinkie! 
She makes me happy.

Many greetings for you, Silver-Quill.
I like your comics.
Rest well.
ElementalTigor's avatar
🎵Pie's going gome!🎵
🎵To a place where she belongs!🎵
🎵And where friendship is not just for ponies!🎵
Reply if you know what song this is!
kaisernathan1701's avatar
the Coo Coo cola song from CDRR?
Quinkenguard's avatar
Pinkie Pie's home, let the party of the year begin!

Thankyou Silverquill for your energy and enthusiasm that you've put into this comic:)!
that is kinda sweet.
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Oh wow, I think this is the first time these Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight comics featured Spike with his new wings.
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
And don't forget Pinkie Pie, you have your special day coming up this Weekend on Sunday! :D
Helsaabi's avatar
Good night Pinkie pie
iamthejam's avatar
See you tomorrow, Pinkie.
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