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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Holiday Spirit

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Last year, I had to do a Christmas-themed comic at Halloween because of the Best Gift Ever special. So this year, it's the ol' switcharoo!

Plus, I wasn't going to wait a whole other year before getting to show Tinmare Applejack. The fact we never got to complete the Wizard of Oz costume set for her is unacceptable!

We may not have new episodes to celebrate but that's no reason to abandon what we enjoy. I intend to keep offering Goodnights throughout the year, though not at the weekly pace the seasons demanded. Instead, better to focus on some quality time with the pink pony and friends!

Thus we can continue the tradition started by :iconundead-niklos:!

I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and look forward to the new year!

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I guess Applejack completed the OZ trio after all.

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Had to come back and read this again. That last panel just cracks me the hell up!
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yay starlight got Phyllis back

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If you want a complete Wizard of Oz costume set for AJ, don't you need her in a Dorothy outfit now?

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...I knew the final joke was coming, and yet I still laughed.

I am also of the mind that Phyllis is hardy enough to survive getting dropped in the trash, and was re-potted quickly... but this is also funny.

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Ironically; I think the ghost plant must feel happy now that it's in a container.

I know that sounds weird considering people (or in this case 'plants') normally react with a "NONONONONO- AW WHAT THE HELL!?!?" whenever they get imprisoned out of nowhere, but considering Trixie decided to give it a new home instead of throwing it away again (which was the reason it was so angry), it must actually feel much better.

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I ain't afraid of no plants
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"I can quite" s/b "I can't quite"...

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Thanks for the heads-up! All fixed now.

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this made my day ^^
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Also I'm sure Phyllis was fine when Trixie threw her away I'm certain Glimmy replanted her right away
TwiTwi1234's avatar
I ain't afraid of no bed
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To be fair Starlight, you were overreacting that time since you can get another pot to place Phyllis in... :XD::XD::XD:
AlphamonOuryuuken's avatar
lol that last part with Starlight.
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So happy this is back.
Mokey1980s's avatar
Man, well played all around in this one
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This was a lot of fun! Glad you're still continuing these (especially while allowing yourself more time to work on them; the quality shows!)
BBBHuey's avatar
AJ's costume looks good :D
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Who ya gonna call? Pinkie Pie!
DuplexFields's avatar
That last panel reminds me so much of a ForgaLorga animation.
pokemon-fireevee's avatar
"Busting makes me feel good!!!" Ya! 
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"mother i have returned from the dead."
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