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So, it looks like this will be the norm for a while. Two episodes for each Australian weekend. Given the time difference, that means the info will go live every Friday and Saturday. I say this as caution for fans who want to stick to the US/Canada release schedule. To fellow fans in Australia, I hope it's a fun viewing. :)

We don't know a lot about the ponies in Starlight's old town and I think that's an untapped well. So, I'm doing a bit of headcanon this time.

Be sure check out :iconundead-niklos: for the original run of Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight comics. Have a good night and enjoy tomorrow's episode!
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Confused Was this for both "A Matter of Principals" and "The Hearth's Warming Club"? Emotipony ConfusedEmotipony Stunned1 I ask because I just found out those episodes aired on the same day in the US.