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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Get Together

Greetings from Everfree Northwest! I must be terse tonight due to high demand schedule.

Have a wonderful evening and enjoy tomorrow's episode!
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I had gave my mom a good Mother's Day gift but my friends mother was one day late because her job to Mother's Day she was in a country that I forgot the name of, so I helped my friend to make sure everything will be perfect but her mother had a accident and died. I was sad for her as she had gotten a cake and put a lot of money for her as they knew she would get a lot of money back but she died so they couldn't get the money. Their dad past away after he came in front of a car. She started to live with us and now I have her as a sister.but still feel bad for her
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when your mother (or my case father) is not there it can be hard around those days. my co worker he just lost his mom 2 weeks before mothers day and it was hard having folks ask him what he had planned for his mom or if he'd talked to her and wished her a happy mothers day but he stayed strong and just let it pass without turning him negative. but granny is right spending time with friends and remembering the good times you had or will have is what it's all about. 
I can see where it would be a tough subject to broach, though. Certainly you're not out of line to wonder if it might be delicate.
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cool, Pinkie Pie!
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our moms will be happy that we remember and appreciate their upbringing of us.
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My mom was just telling how she feels bad for those who have a dead mother and so on, basically anything but the perfect 'husband, wife, and three kids' shindig that you always see on telle back in the 50s'. But this is a nice perspective of those who decided to be positive about it.
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Having a mother isn't the person who gave birth to you. In aboriginal Australian culture it's all the women of the whole tribe. It's the person who loves you and raises you.
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Your mama ain't the one who gave birth to you. Your mama is the one who changed your diapers, read you bed time stories, kissed your boo boos, made your favorite dinner when you're feeling like garbage, stayed up with you when you got sick, gave you all the hugs you could ever want, and will love you no matter how much you screw up.
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Awwwwwww. Granny Smith is awesome and Pinkie really is as sweet as a honeycrisp. Not only that, but soon we will finally know the truth about the Apple parents. It's going to be great. :heart:
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of course. Granny Smith is a mother and a good one, it seems. just because AJ doesn't have a mom doesn't mean she has nopony to spend mothers day with. aside from Grany, she has aunt Orange and Celestia knows how many other mothers that she's met and is happy to have met.
Heck, she'd probably be onboard with giving Cloudy Quartz a hug and a thank you for raising one of her bestest friends.

maybe I'm overanalyzing or maybe Silver Quill is a great writer
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Daaaw that was beautiful, very nicely done.
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Tears Of Joy EmoteThat is so sweet.
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Weird Mother's Day was in march
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See you in a bit, Pinkie.
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Pinkie's mane and tail in the 8th panel. :lmao:
*comes out of the bush and sneaks behind pinkie*
>8/.... yeah, thats right. Keep lookin that way...
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You're a poet, Silver Quill.
O_o... yeah, lets go with that...
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Awww...! Well done.
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