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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Finned

Greetings from Everfree Northwest. It's been a fun first day but I have not forgotten to wish everyone goodnight.

I had to cook this up fast based on Finland's release of four episodes all at once. So funny how this show has changed. Remember what a big deal it was when Hearts and Hooves Day leaked early on iTunes? That seems so quaint in hindsight.

Thanks as always to Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight's creator, Undead Niklos :iconundead-niklos:!
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Finland is a coutry in the east of Europone, dear Pinkie, wow, it's so beautiful to see her as a seapony again, and together with Skystar, I wish we could see the manes as seaponies again after the movie.
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It's too bad we never got to see Pinkie Pie as a seapony again after the movie, oh well. Silent cry

It was nice of you to include Princess Skystar here. Happy I've loved her since I saw her in the movie. B-) I wonder if she's still grounded?

I'm so close to being caught up, but I worry that I'm going find something else to be sad about. Silent cry I won't give up. I'll chew out my horrible, non-supportive father if I have to, anything to avoid being sad. Because, I don't want to cry anymore. Silent cry
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Da whisper was the cutest part of this....well done =)
I do indeed remember that. I was avoiding the internet all week. Even back then I had a very strong sense of proper timing.
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Skystar Hippogriff, Not Seapony
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they can change between the two now.
It's like two races in one.

BTW, nice to see a show-styled version of her. 
I wonder if Fin Land is off the coast Fillydelphia or Vanhoover. 
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Ef-fin' hilarious. I must say, I did enjoy the one episode I hadn't seen before, despite my country's terrible MLP dub. I am also surprised and weirdly proud that Finland of all places aired episodes early, since that pretty much NEVER happens.

Anyway, if Pinkie wants to visit Finland, now is the time! Summer is the only time of year when us Finns wear other colors than grey, brown and black and look happier than we generally feel. Then again, Pinkie enjoys Yakyakistan, so who am I to say when she can visit.

Torilla tavataan.
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Finland does sound like a place where sea ponies would live.
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wait,MORE episodes have been leaked?
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I find this amusing. :P

(If you look at my comment signature you'll see why)
Nono Pinkie, it was leaked in Finn Land, which is somewhere in the Land of Ooo a few miles away from the Candy Kingdom. Jake should really know better than to listen to that Marceline.
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Lol, that was cute and nicely done.
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Isn't that enough that Heartland got destroyed in three futures, I mean they got destroyed by an alien race, warriors from Academy, and don't get me started on five Ds!

In other news, Shy attempted to drown a family of ducks and nearby golf course. The reasoning for this was mythological Scottish humor. [PS: watching duck tail is hilarious when you watch my Little pony as well]
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Are you quite Finnished, Pinkie?
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Wrong "Fin"land there Pinkie Pie... :XD:
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As a Fin-n, this pleases me. :D
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I remember the Hearts and Hooves Day accidental early release on iTunes! I almost considered using my dad's iTunes account to buy it then, but of course, other people had uploaded it rather quickly; a few hours later.
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Aww.  These are so cute.
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