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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Excited

I've not been very nice to Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie. First was a brawl between three of her, then an extended silence. So now, we get happy Pinkie Pie and friends. Except for Spike. Poor Spike.

I haven't gotten to draw the EqG characters much. Don't know if that will change, but practice makes perfect. Everyone, I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Thanks again to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight! And thanks once again to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach: for the Canterlot High background!
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Pinkie. Never change.
Mario-McFly's avatar
Is EqG Pinkie Pie talking about the "episode" that was shown at Crystal Mountain Pony Con?
ArcCahlon's avatar
wait no one told sci twi about pinkie? oh poor sci twi NEVER try to understand HOW with pinkie. logic and physics do not apply to her.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I'm waiting for the specials to come to Netflix.
JAAMTheArtist's avatar
yeah that was pretty exiting
I don't think that's an unbiased sample. What if you surveyed Flash, or Watermelody, or someone like that?
RD4590's avatar
Somehow the size of Rainbow Dash's face makes her cute…
mattwo's avatar
"Except for Spike. Poor Spike."

spike lick - eqg :iconsaysplz:No respect! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!
tigreanpony's avatar
That was cute, I really love the panel with Sci Twi, " How?" great work.
Nintendians's avatar
me: i enjoy it the 4th time, pinkie.
Zorbonaut's avatar
There's a new EG film around the corner? I'm so eager for the MLP movie, I didn't even realize...
FlashSentryFanatic90's avatar
And Mirror Magic might not be the last short. Apparently, there are three more shorts currently in production and rumor has it that short 4 will be centered around Timber and Flash. Ohhhh this will be interesting.
Anime-94's avatar
Ohhhh! Sounds good! I'll be watching that!
Zanbamon's avatar
I just know you're gonna love Mirror Magic when you watch it.
templar127's avatar
The ponk is strong in this good night!
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videomaster21XX's avatar
I don't know. If Pinkie AND other Pinkie both agree with the rest of them, then wouldn't that make eight?
SPB2015's avatar
Sci-Twi, rule of thumb: Pinkie operates on her own logic. You're better off not trying to make too much sense of it.
Don't ask Sci-Twi. That way leads to madness.
BoneSatellite's avatar
Thanks, just the kind of thing that makes me frown.
hero1211's avatar
i know of one person that isn't to excited, the girl who's plans they foiled in the last special
felinemon's avatar
Twi is great in this one. Her expression is perfect!
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