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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Excited



And so we embark on a fresh season! What new memes, ponies, and memories will this new season offer?

No idea, but I intend to have fun along the way!

Publishing this a little bit early because I am at Babscon right now and didn't want to miss this opportunity. I hope you all enjoy the premier episodes!

Please be sure to check out :iconundead-niklos:, the original creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight! And thanks to BonesWolbach :iconboneswolbach:and his awesome Party Cave background:
  Pinkies Secret Lair by BonesWolbach
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You know, I don't get as excited for the start of a new season as I used to. I guess new seasons just aren't as new to me as they used to be.