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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Evaluation

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Greetings from Babscon! With Maurice LaMarche here as one of the guests of honor, it seemed fitting to feature him. I wonder if we'll get to see more of him this season. If not, we can hope he's improved both his outlook and the system.

The background here comes courtesy of :icondragonchaser123:, who managed to vector the entire School of Friendship exterior:

And we wouldn't have this comic series if not for :iconundead-niklos:. Here's hoping everyone enjoys the 200th episode tomorrow and have a good night!
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DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
If Chancellor Neighsay were to appear again, I can completely see this happening seen as he changed his stance at the end of Season 8 - I love the dialogue you gave the characters - it feels really in character. :aww:
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I don't think one should ask "What is your greatest weakness?" in such a context. It's not quite a job interview context, but it's close enough that it's likely to still be taken as "What's your best brag that you can phrase superficially as a weakness while not concealing that you're bragging?" and that's hardly a useful question. Sure, it can be a somewhat informative question in contexts where you can expect an honest answer rather than a boast, but even then you have to remember that you're asking "What do you think is your greatest weakness?" If you want to find out someone's actual greatest weakness you're better off asking those around them.
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Man, good moral
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Kingofgames2000Hobbyist General Artist
Oh god you made Naysay Likeable
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Kingofgames2000Hobbyist General Artist
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I still don't like chancellor Neighsay. 
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I have to admit the EEA were a pretty shadowy looking organisation for the equestrian education system.

Cheerlie is always in a good mood. Wonder if she gets evaluated all that often?
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love the comic. amazing work 
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Was worried for a second when he appeared
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
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KannaAsaHobbyist General Artist
Wonder if he still travels via hell Portal 
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TheforgottenSirenHobbyist Artist
yay Neighsay isnt an ass hole anymore lol
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So Twilight's gonna be a real princess huh?
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
A bit of a mix-up there, as the EEA council has already made decisions as a group and not just Chancellor Neighsay alone, as we saw in the Season 8 Opener and when Twilight introduced her school concept to them.
Otherwise, it's great.
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That was great, nicely done.
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Loved it.
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(OoC: Did they ever speak?)
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DVoidComicsHobbyist General Artist
... that was unexpected. Really heartfelt
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Starlight's gonna be a brilliant headmare when the time comes. Twilight will be so proud of her.
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TwilightIsMagicStudent General Artist
I wish Grey Pony Bad had more of an arc. He had great potential as an examination of what threatens or doesn't threaten Equestria and where its friends and enemies lie. He kind of got blown right past instead, felt like he didn't get the chance to really make all that show. Maybe he'll at least have some chance to appear in S9, but I ain't holding my breath, alas.

That's one impressive vector there too, real props to the vectorer.
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gizmo01Hobbyist Filmographer
They should say "Happy Easter" to dont you think? or is that somehting else to come?
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Just-Call-Me-JProfessional General Artist
Everyone is surprised at Neighsay's amicable demeanor here. I'm more surprised that he's taking the fourth wall in stride.
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
Yeah, usually new characters freak out about that.
It´s one of the funniest things about these comics, if you ask me.
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I got to briefly meet Maurice in front of the hotel earlier this evening.
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