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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Don't Jinx It!

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Whoops! Posting this later than usual. The week after two conventions and early airings... I think I'm just about fried. But I'm glad that things will take a more measured pace soon. No disrespect to those who view the episodes early. I'll be glad to do goodnight comics as often as needed.

Hope you all enjoy a good evening and if you catch tomorrow's episode, enjoy!
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Oh Pinkie, I feel your stress.
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'Metaverse'? I like it. It's shorter and punchier than 'Equestria Metafictional Multiverse'. Is it Ok if I borrow the word for future use?
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Really? Thanks!

Enjoy the latest episodes, Mr Quill.
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holy shit we're there already? makes me feel super bad about not keeping up with the fandom. i haven't even started the 8th season yet, for fucks sake!
*🎵hello bingewatch my old friend🎵*
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No offense, but these early releases make me loose respect for the foreign countries. 
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Actually, we won't be done with early releases. But since all the episode will have finally aired in English, it won't be that great of a deal. USA, however, may end up being behind a dozen other countries to show the finale.
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No jinxing! Jinx are for jinkies!
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I'm still only following the american releases so I've seen none of the early releases. Still very fine job there.
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Didn't see anything from these last 2 eps yet...
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I avoided most spoilers, I did. :XD:
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I've seen clips so far. I'll keep quiet.
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Planning to avoid spoilers, I am.
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I've got my spoilers tags on so I will not see them. I am prepared.
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Silver Quill just about fried, hmm?
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And then tomorrow comes.....
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Then the Morning Comes.
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Heh, good night, Pinkie.
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