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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Did'Ja View

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It's been an interesting 24 hours in terms of scheduling. We only recently learned that Treehouse will not be showing new episodes for a little bit. Which is fine by me because while I enjoy the new episodes I worry that the Saturday viewings tend to be forgotten faster.

Plus this means less demand on the fandom's creatives. I plan to keep doing Goodnight comics for each Saturday release, but I can ease off the Sunday well wishes.

Thanks as always to :iconundead-niklos: for his creation, Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight!
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love doctor whooves
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Things are finally back to normal!

I always associate the topic of Deja Vu with two things:…
One of the funniest Monty Python skits ever!…
A great song!
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I'd imagine that come the end of the mid-season hiatus (which we can only hope will be synchronized between the US and Canada) Canda will go back to airing two episodes per weekend and create the same problem all over again.
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O_o.... anything ah want, huh?.... Hehe. In that case, Pinkies not invited to what ahm about to do all weekend.... >8)…
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So does this mean todays episode featured time turner. Because if so who needs sleep anyways. I need to watch that episode.
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MLP-Silver-QuillHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think he was in the episode, though I didn't scan the background. I try to avoid spoiling things for folks who are trying to go into episodes with a clean slate.
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Oh! ok! I respect that! :3
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The quadruple barrier...  I love that.

You really know how to make a comforting comic.
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MelonSeed11Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh Doctor Whooves! One of my favourite characters :D

Still mad there's not gonna be another new episode for weeks now -_-
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I keep calling him "Doctor Turner."  Best of both worlds.  ^^;
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Wow that looks cool I have a question  do you know a show called Superjail..??
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"did'ja'view" I guess it could be a twist in a Doctor Who episode and something Pinkie Pie would say :)
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Yeah, but now Discovery Family isn't even going to play catch-up, they're taking a break after this week's episode. What the heck? If the season wasn't finished yet, they could've waited for a few more episodes to be completed rather than rush them out to meet some kind of deadline.
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HayStarlightStudent General Artist
what the?! but... but... *Sigh* I'm sick of being the only person in the planet who likes spoilers and leaks and early online releases. everyone else must be happy but I wanted to see AJ's parents tomorrow
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A cute comic and a nice message to all the fans. Brilliant!

...I just can't possibly enjoy it because you called Doctor Hooves by his old name.
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Panel 11: Props to Time Turner a.k.a. Dr. Hooves for curbing Pinkie Pie's 'zinger-happy' misuse of the phrase "deja-vu" by applying tempral science observations.

And yes, she doesn't just interact with the quadruple barrier; she destroys the fourth wall!
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That was cute and hilarious.
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... my brain hurts.

But i do understand, however the actions might result in a time-space paradox and everything will crash and reset and the universe...

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same here my brain hurts as well >.< WHY MUST YOU MAKE BRAINS HURT PINKIE...
impact-monster's avatar
I mean, i understand but it hurts
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infernomanzzoomStudent Artist
sadly my cable company placed descovery family in the gold package when it was silver and my mom wont upgrade T^T
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Good night, everypony!!!
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