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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Daring Doh!

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Ah Pinkie, I think you and I will have many misadventures together.

Thanks once again to :iconundead-niklos: for giving me permission to continue the series. Please have a look back at his archive for all of Pinkie's weekly adventures.

Daring's accessory came courtesy of TimeLordOmega :icontimelordomega:

Have a great night and we'll see how the new episode plays out.
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Epic foreshadowing.
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Hmm, there are times that I would like to do that to Pinkie (i'm merely acting for her best interests - sometimes her crazy antics and parties can be dangerous if not hazardous)
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lol pinkie's very funny
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...that finale. :D
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lol funny pinkie and daring do
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So glad these are back :)
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It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it.
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no daring she is not kidding she takes them pillow snuggles very serious. if you want she has a rainbow dash one too you can snug. ^^
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Considering what that pillow is supposed to be a reference to, that last panel is both hilarious and a little creepy. Though mostly hilarious. XD
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...... where'd pinky get the pillow?
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Not that pillow? I thought that they would have sold out of them.
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Perhaps PG-13 rated.
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Lol, that body pillow. :rofl:
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'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'! Getting Crrrrrrrrrrrp past the radar like they just don't care!
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odd how Daring went with the one with Daring TIED UP XD
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really, don't ask how she do that, daring...
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Had to be a body-pillow didn't it.
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