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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Crisis of Subconscious

We should all have a Shoulder-Celestia. Life would be so much better.

Happy longest day of the year and Celestia Celebration Day! Here's my little contribution before the Canadian television station Treehouse airs Pony Life. I'm curious based on the trailers (and resentful that Applejack got shorted again). We'll see how the first episode grips us tomorrow.

Once again, Pinkie Pie's party is the work of :iconboneswolbach::

I'm grateful as that complex background is one less challenge I face.

My continued gratitude to :iconundead-niklos:, who created Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight and gave me permission to continue the tradition. Goodnight, eveyone!
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IfIHaveIt's avatar

Even imaginary chrysalis can't win XD

DreamGuardianAMS's avatar

Good night Pinkie Pie.

GodDragonKing's avatar

I was expecting it to be two Rarities. But this is way more fun.

...admit it. This was all just an excuse to have Chrysalis squished like a bug.

SeriousJupiter's avatar

Gee, I hope there's nothing living in the box!

BBBHuey's avatar

Nightmare Moon "Normally I'd complain about not being Pinkie's shoulder devil. But not anymore..."

ardashir's avatar

Great to see you still doing these. And poor Chrysalis, even after the show ended she still can't win.

8NICOPINK8's avatar

This is one of your funniest comics yet! :laughing: And one of your most well-written too!

Neoky28's avatar

Well that was anti-climatic and a little bizarre, typical Pinkie I suppose.

Pinkie slapping away Shoulder Chrysalis is hilarious to me for some reason.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Is that a reference to The Emperor's New School?
crazyzukofangirl1280's avatar

The concept of the two shoulder selves actually dates back to Greek Myth. Kronk is just the most notable modern example.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
I just remembered an episode where Kuzco apparently has Kronk's shoulder angel and devil instead of his own.
tigreanpony's avatar

Oh that was great, nicely done there.

pokemon-fireevee's avatar

Well I don't know about that. But I like to see Brand with a Shoulder-Dr. Wolf.

Excellent work on this.

weirdal28's avatar

i'm gonna be patient and wait for it in the U.S because i heard of the censorship in canadian episodes and i feel there would probably be more of that in this show cause it looks like it would have presumably more crude humor


Now min-subconscious Chrysalis is lose on the world!

SPB2015's avatar

Chrysalis: "Don't listen to that mare! She's trying to lead you down the path of rightiousness. I'm going to lead you down the path that rocks!"

dempseyroll2019's avatar
TorturedArtist745's avatar

LOL! Pinkie smashed Chrysalis like a bug.

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