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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Crisis of Subconscious



We should all have a Shoulder-Celestia. Life would be so much better.

Happy longest day of the year and Celestia Celebration Day! Here's my little contribution before the Canadian television station Treehouse airs Pony Life. I'm curious based on the trailers (and resentful that Applejack got shorted again). We'll see how the first episode grips us tomorrow.

Once again, Pinkie Pie's party is the work of :iconboneswolbach::

I'm grateful as that complex background is one less challenge I face.

My continued gratitude to :iconundead-niklos:, who created Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight and gave me permission to continue the tradition. Goodnight, eveyone!
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I agree! Shoulder-Angels like Celestia make life great!