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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Confusing

Good evening, everyone! Or, to our friends in Australia, good afternoon!

What a week we're facing. A new comic on Wednesday, which is also the summer solstice and a day dedicated to celebrating Celestia. Plus two new episodes that may more may not find their way online. It's hard to say.

Due to all this uncertainty and a time crunch, my Pinkie Pie comics will be a bit more brief this week. I want to wish everyone well, but only have so much time to do so. So have a good night and I hope those who choose to see the new episodes will have the means and enjoy them!

For more of the Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight series, check out Undead Niklos :iconundead-niklos:!
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It can all be so confusing.
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Me and my insane imagination. I heard Pinkie speak while reading, just to hear the voice change into the one of Silver Quill, just to change back into Pinkie's in the end. Crazy me. But I can only say to this, I am happy to have you around
Mr. Silver Quill and I hope you keep presentingus with these great vids and clips and GoodNight-Comics. I for my part love it all.
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good night and epic episode incoming
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No, Pinkie wasn't confusing here. She actually sleuthed her way through the concept of time zones.
:iconwildhawk441: /)(\ Pinkie Pie Smile Icon 2 .
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Pinkie is pretty smart
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Season 1: The First Season
Season 2: The Comic Seas
Season 3: The Season of Milestones
Season 4: The Season of Epicness
Season 5: The Feels Season
Season 6: The Glim-Glam Season
Season 7: The Season of Confusion
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Pretty sure they're all messed up because the movie's coming on October, but the mid-season break is still a mandatory thing.
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Okay, now I want a YouTube video where Pinkie explains quantum physics.
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I too would love to see this.  With Bill Neigh, and Neil DaPony Tyson joining her!
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this is the only way I know if theres a new episode ... its so confusing! 
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Nicely done good work.
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The Australian say hi. Don't worry. I highly doubt tumbler, Instagram, Twitter ect will blow up with spoilers. Note the sarcasm. Just don't go online for a while.
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Hello from Australia. Discord dies in the new episode
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Cute and also, a speical pink pony appears in ................... episode ................... (not saying where she appear in the show)
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So s is only in australia right it wont affect the ones who follow discovery famaly right
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Aww.  These are so cute.
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Wait, were on the same planet in the past with messages from the future………. PINKIE!!!!!!!!!!!
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I still don't get how this season new episode releases  are set up. 
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Nobody dose mate. 
C5-Sharp's avatar the blackboard this week's guest?  I approve!
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