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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Chrysalis Day

This is now the second time I've managed to feature a villain in these Goodnights. A personal victory. Huzzah!

Hope you're all doing well on this Chrysalis Celebration Day. Even villains need some love. Just not too much or they conquer everything.

Thanks to :iconcloudshadezer0: for the hillside vector:
Bushes Hill by CloudshadeZer0

And thanks  Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight's creator, Undead Niklos :iconundead-niklos:!
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FUNImation2002's avatar
Canterlot wedding all over again.
I see this and I think of dozens of Firebrand clones suddenly charging in with rifles, surrounding her, then saying, "Don't move or we'll shoot each other!" XD
SeriousJupiter's avatar
I've never really been a fan of the ol' Bugbutt, tbh, but I suppose she deserves a little love every now and then. After all, if that love is truly meant for her, she doesn't need to steal it, right?
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Who else thinks she has lost her mind? She is keeping the remains of the Twilight clone
Phaedrolous's avatar
Fandom promotion seems to be a BAD thing in this circumstance.
eta-gamma-14's avatar
C'mon, Chrysalis, let's not start with this again...
ditistomzelf's avatar
killing you is the last thing I'd do... which means it is still on the list
Seeker900's avatar
Queen Chrysalis's smile: Remember when I said I'd kill you last? 
pinkie pie mlp (ahh...) plz: That's right Chrysalis, you did!
Queen Chrysalis's smile: ...I lied.
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
solid32's avatar

I knew many ponies have their own appreciation day, but have no idea about Chrysalis's day!! :happybounce: She's a great villian and I'm one of her fans.

CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
"I'll kill you last."

That escalated quickly. It's brilliant! :D
TorturedArtist745's avatar
LOL! Our love for this evil queen is only making her stronger. Give her enough love, and she could take on Grogar by herself.
TheTrueGerik's avatar
No. Not kill. Rather send Pinkie and everybody in the Shadow Realm.

It's a kid show, remember. Death's concept don't exist here.
Charles-Farrow's avatar
Nah we just blow up ponies, melt ponies, or seer the flesh from the previously blown up ponies bones.

Though I suppose Sombra is pretty sturdy.
Can't say the same for the mean 6, thems is dead as fuk.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh that was great, very nicely done.
Darkagumon2000's avatar
spike (oh my god) plz That BUG HORSE be crazy.

Mad Queen Chrysalis I heard that WELP.

Warriorfan12378's avatar
Cyrsy is awesome though.
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
MaxtheG's avatar
...Damn Changeling Parasite... ive got my Crosshairs on you.
templar127's avatar
Chryssie is sneaky sneaky!!
AceWissle's avatar
RockportMaricruz's avatar
I think Pinkie knows that's not the real Cadance.
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