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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Bunker Busters

Please consider this comic a transition. Pinkie's not in top form, but a special guest next week will hopefully change that!

Until then, I hope everyone can enjoy the season premier. It's new, it's been teased and teased on social media. I hope it'll be fun.

Pinkie's bedroom is my own vectoring, but I once again owe :iconboneswolbach: for Pinkie's Party Cave:

Thanks as always to :iconundead-niklos:, creator of Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. Have a great night and enjoy tomorrow's premier!
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I find it weird that as I'm typing this, its actually around nighttime
So Silver. In the episode Uprooted when the crystal tree turns into a tree house in the castle ruins of the two sisters, what was your reaction?
All that time spent, and now it's all gone. No castle for you
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such a good strip
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I wonder how it will end
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That Twilight derp face! XD
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Damn, I'm already so emotional at the idea of the show ending, so seeing my favorite pony have that same depression is even more heartbreaking :tears: All we can do is hope for the best this season, and that it's a fantastic finale. 
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I saw the premiere, and it’s pretty good.
It was BEYOND fun! :D

Also I LOVE your avatar, always looking for more FoE artists, can you tell me who drew that? Or better yet link me to their DA page?
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Unfortunately, I can’t. I can tell you how I found it though, I simply looked up ‘Cool Velvet Remedy Art’ on Google and searched through the images. 
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OML MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD SHOW IS ENDING! I thought this day will never come so I can't believe in going back to the brownie days
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I can honestly say I feel how pinkie does. I've always been excited for a new season it's been the start of more fun and adventures with our equine friends but .... now it's saying good bye. each adventure just another brief moment of fun before we say good bye and have to face the fact we will never see them again. 
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Hope everyone keeps G4 alive after this. I still love these comics and it will be painful to say goodbye to them as well as the show but I suppose it was about time because the creators were running low on ideas.
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YES!  We should keep doing fan material, same for anything.  Just because a show ends, doesn't mean the fanart should, or the fandom.  A friend and I even have a big fan project planned which may take a life time to complete (so the show may end up being even older by then), but damn it, we're gonna do it.

Also, I agree on the whole running low on ideas thing - as important as this show is to me, it hasn't felt right for a few seasons now, and there are times when it's obvious that the current writers don't have the same vision of the characters that the previous ones did, so it can feel like a different show for some (including me.)
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I still can't believe its been 9 years of MLP G4 (god I feel old :P)

Welp! Here's to one last ride hope we enjoy it!
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Beginning of the end, indeed. It's been fun, guys. I'll do my best to remember to read these goodnights before the episodes air this year too, even though I already failed with this one. ^^;

Btw, you misspelled "shelter" in panel four.
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In the future, Mrs Cake is gonna thank Pinkie a lot more.
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S9 premiere was awesome and while certain elements were a bit predictable, I did enjoy it thoroughly.
It was okay. Really disappointed with how quickly the few secondary characters who could have resisted for a minute gave up without trying to hurry the confrontation-give up-regroup-rinse and repeat until they get tired of folding like wet noodles-plot along.

I hope the other big-villain episodes haven't rushed things along so much.
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Perhaps they did all their resisting off-screen? While I do see your point that I don't think Applebloom or Scootaloo would have given up without a fight (that or Sombra struck super-hard without warning giving them no chance to resist) just so long as they don't mash everything together as they did in the episode when Twilight got her wings, even the songs seemed rush for that one, I'll be happy, and seeing Grogar has me wanting to do a colored pencil sketch with the red-eyed ram.   Would it have made it even better if we could have seen the CMC kicking and hollering against brainwashed sombrites (?) I cannot really say for certain. All I know is that I felt a twinge in the ol' heartstrings when Flurry Heart cried out "mama" and later seeing the CMC all zombified (being an older sibling myself, I guess it struck a chord with me). And so long as the folks who produce MLP can dish out stuff that makes the audience feel for the characters, and not give in to the bottom-dollar mindset, they will always have a fan in me. 
It isn't the resisting done off-screen that bothers me, it is the absolute steamroll of pretty much everything that was shown - not going to try anything, you win.

If Twilight could shrug off Sombra's MC on her own the first time around, I would have expected at least a couple of guards and maybe the occasional regular pony to do better than instantaneously fall to it. Given how destructive Flurry was at only a few months old, I would have expected Shining and Cadence to try stalling, hoping Flurry would create an opening for them to try something before giving up too. (Then again, taking a baby as a hostage on a kids' show may already be stretching PC limits as it already is, so they probably had to expedite the scene.)
ilvbrownies's avatar
I see your point, I agree that seeing the various other groups fighting back at least a little would have been satisfying, I cannot speak for the creators of course, but I think Dr. Wolf said it in his review that perhaps the reason was that they had so many other elements (Grogar, Sombra returning in the first place, getting the league of doom together, Twilight's new verb, and so forth) that they had to choose which elements to keep and which to dismiss, also as you mentioned they probably had to make sure that all the wittle kiddies wouldn't get bad dweams (I hope the sarcasm for PC culture is evident). Nevertheless, I think that if they keep with the momentum we can have a satisfying conclusion by seasons end and while I am a little sad by the fact that it is ending, I would rather it end on a high note rather than it just goes on for countless seasons to die off with a whimper. 
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