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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Big Thanks

I've committed a transgression by appropriating Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie to express my thanks to Jim Miller and the DHX staff. Still, I'd like to think that the "real" Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy would show the same support.

For those who might not know, Jim Miller and many of the show's writers received harassing messages via social media after the series finale leaked. There are so many ways to express ideas about the ending, what we might have wanted to go differently, and what we might enjoy. Sending insults and threats to the show writers is one of the least effective and least healthy means of expression. So this is my expression in support of the staff and their work. I might criticize or joke about aspects, but I wouldn't be investing my time and energy if I didn't find the experience rewarding.

I do ask that people not speculate, discuss, or divulge any spoilers in the comments.

Jim's ponysona is the creation of PixelKitties :iconpixelkitties:.

And as ever I am grateful to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight and allowing me to continue the tradition. Have a great weekend!
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That's very nice of you to make it. Being a write on a succesfull show can be really stresful and people constantly demand things from them and are always dissatisfied when something doesn't go their way.

But the show was never about the individuals. If people want to have individual interpretations and versions of the finale - fine. But they should really act like the freakin' adults they supposedly are.
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Nice gesture to Big Jim, Silver. I'm patiently anticipating the series finale with a clear mind.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for assuming things, and being overdramatic a few days ago. This is what happens when brony drama gets to me sometimes.
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Thank you for caring about Jim Miller's efforts, patience and kindness over the years. Hes a funny guy and he had some people send him very mean nasty things, including death threats because of the show ending sadly. I love the fans who can be appreciative of the show and thankful instead of vindictive and mean. ❤
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silver does this mean pinkie says goodnight will still be around when g5 comes out?

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I won't spoil anything, but seriously... I loved the finale and the epilogue! Don't get me wrong, death threats are NEVER justified, but I honestly didn't expect crazy bronies to hate the ending so much that they'd once again choose to prove how entitled and toxic they really are. I mean, come on, what was really so bad about the last episodes that it triggered such hate? Don't answer that, because the answer is NOTHING. What kind of an ending did people expect from a show called Friendship is Magic, anyway? I was very satisfied myself, thank you very much. Some of the decisions surprised me, but I didn't hate any of them. I guess some people simply can't stand the idea of their headcanons and/or ships getting ruined, but I say, to hell with those things! I always enjoy fan content based on canon more than fanon for a reason, and this is the reason. Less people get angry if they don't get too attached to their own ideas.

Anyway, thanks for making this comic and I'm glad you'll keep doing them! I wish more of us bronies were like you, Silver Quill.
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My thoughts exactly! Episode 26 was amazing in my humble opinion! It seemed like the writers were trying to listen to what Bronies wanted for a finale and give us an epic, reassuring send off. The finale had a great concept. I see a lot of crap theories being spread because of finale spoilers and I hate that. I completely agree with you! 
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Thanks for the best wishes Pinkie and Fluttershy but I think I will leave season 9 
The spoilers ruined the experience....

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I've seen and heard all of this before around when I first joined the fandom back in 2014. They were threatening and harassing the staff back then over dumb shit. Smdh.
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I wish I could say I'm surprised to hear that the more 'disturbed' members of the fandom are up to their usual hijinks.

But after the death threats surrounding Equestria Girls, Twilicorn, and "You made Fluttershy cry", this is to be expected.

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People can be freaking crazy...
Sure, some parts of this finale can be disappointing... But that's the curse of the finale: Adventure Time, Star VS the forces of Evil,... even Avatar. None of them were perfect. When you have to put a conclusion to a long serie, it's impossible to make something than satisfy everybody.
Theses fanboys should be grateful than their fvourite show got a final, a lot of series never got this honour...
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This is why I'm hoping the next generation tanks in comparison to this one.
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I don't understand. Having enjoyed this version, why not hope for as much success if not more for the next?

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To give the adult My Little Pony fandom some damn humility and return it to its ACTUAL demographic.

This generation was too successful and too accessible for its own good. When that happens, you get entitled "adults" ripping the creators apart whenever something - ANYTHING - happens that they don't like. This generation was never going to have an ending the bronies would be satisfied with. Just like Naruto, Bleach, and Game of Thrones before it.

You can bet the Care Bears franchise doesn't have to deal with half the drama and BS from their fandoms that this one has dealt Hasbro and Lauren. The bronies need to let go and give this franchise back to the kids it was meant for and find something else to ruin.

TL;DR - If it tanks, adults can't ruin it for everyone else, and will finally move on.

(I could probably have worded this better if I had my medication. 😞)
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No offense but this is NOT a good argument. I want any Brony who sent a death threat to get some karma, believe me, However: Haters are gonna hate regardless. I wish all the sucess in the world for all the creators of Generation 5. We must encourage creativity in our culture not shut creativity down because of a few jerks or we all go up in smoke.  
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I personally don't mind burning to ash so long as SOMEONE pays the price in the end.
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I don't get it. Why are you making show creators pay the price?? 
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Huh? They can find other projects. With their kickass pedigree, it wouldn't be too difficult.
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But if they work on Gen 5 and Gen 5 fails miserably that good pedigree is hugely diminished for the show creators. Therefore your anger should be directed at the people who sent death threats, NOT the creators who obviously worked their a## off and/or generation 5. Do not wish for failure on creators. 
Remember the lesson from "Fame and Misfortune". The journal was NEVER the problem, it was the ponies reactions after reading it. I see all fandoms doing this crap regardless of what show it is ("The Sopranos" "Breaking Bad" anime, "Lilo & Stitch The Series".) 
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Still makes zero sense to me that you would hope G5 would bomb because of THAT portion of the fandom was entitled and destructive to the show runners, what about the other half of the adult fandom that is actually content with FIM's ending, and wants to see G5 regardless of what demographic it appeals to? Do they deserve it too? I'm willing to give it a chance regardless.
Also, putting aside the fact that Naruto, Bleach, and Game of Thrones all had issues that don't apply to FIM, you can't please everyone no matter what, and that's a fact. I admit i haven't been all too pleased with the current direction Star Wars is going, for example. Do you see me givng death threats to the movie directors, despite being massively dissapointed? Exactly.
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Look, the point I'm trying to make is that I would much rather there not be a fifth generation to begin with than have the BS of this one repeat itself. Even if one part is disappointed with such an outcome, I think the other part being robbed of the chance of ruining everything would be enough of a silver lining.

And at any rate, you're being just as overdramatic, as in no way did I bring up death threats. Please calm down.
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