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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Being Real

So many leaks since the last Goodnight comic. It really is disappointing. Leaks and early episodes tend to stagger the fandom and so instead of a combined creativity or reaction to one episode, we seem to fragment into people who saw an episode early, are avoiding spoilers, or forget the middle episodes in favor of the immediate reaction.

I intend to see these comics through until the season's proper end on US television. Time permitting, as this week has been especially hectic.

Thanks  to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. And to :iconboneswolbach: for Pinkies Secret Lair.
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The only good thing about the early releases are that I was able to get my reviews done early (though I didn't release the journals until after the episode aired). I needed to do this because the only MLP con in my area (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Nightmare Nights was  having it's last. I've never been to one and had planned for the last two years to go (first time I had mandatory overtime at my job and the second time I had a bad paying job and had no money) but this year didn't have the time to take off of work for the first two days.

However, when I found out there would be no more I knew I had to go at least Sunday. I was already exhausted from my work week and wan't going to be able to be there all day so I just went to the vendor hall and met all the artists I have followed and interacted with on DA and buy some prints from them (also I'm very uncomfortable in large crowds when I'm by myself, it was a wonder I had the courage to meet those artists, I'm a pretty shy person by nature) , oh and Tony Fleecs. The artists I knew and visited were all real cool and I was happy for the experience. Tony was cool and being a huge fan of the IDW comics, that was a nice visit.

If the episodes were not leaked, I wouldn't have had my reviews ready on time and I might of chickened out of visiting Nightmare Nights. I did however go see the movie in the theater opening week and will buy the Blu Ray the very first day it comes out.
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I agree with your opinion on leaks
I hope that season 8 goes in a more orderly manner. I'm a real stickler for the schedule.
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True as only Pinkie do
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I admit. I watched the leaks because of impatience and a slight addiction to pony episodes. (its like putting cake in front of you and saying you cant eat it). After the last episode i realized that i'm going to have to wait for the next season longer than everyone else that waited for the airing episodes. Double edge sword.  
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Interestingly I was watching a Did you know gaming video on Dragon's lair. (spoiler alert) That is related to this topic.

If your interested here a link to the video.…

For those too lazy or with bad internet.

In the video the games creators slipped a message for hackers to find. I don't remember what the exact wording was but it was along the lines of asking hackers to delay releasing the game early so they could have the money to make more games. It worked as the game didn't become available on the internet until a few months after it was released. That or no one was able to hack the game until months after release.

Now I do know that I'm going to get my digital life beaten by trying to link video game DRM and a tv show but asking the fanbase to be patient might be the way to go.
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don't forget there will be a new ep tomorrow (should be streamed from Canada, on treehouse channel) :)
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Not all of us has people to share these things wish. Sometimes we go through everything alone, and yet life that already sucks the friendship out of you also prevents you from being at least active online.
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Don't worry, Pinkie. I choose watching new episodes only when they officially release anyway Hug 
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so....some fans made best pony upset?...THEN LETS BURN THEM ALIVE *grabs torches*
Yes, but the last 4 episodes were simply so gooood. Those 4 episodes together were so much better than the movie was, and were not just very good episodes for season 7, but very good episodes for the series overall. They were the kind of episodes that could bring people who have left the herd back. Most definitely they saved the best for last.
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Dang man, I like the message here. ^^ Good comic!  Hilarious "real" part, and I appreciate the encouragement to do the normal stuff regardless of whatever's going on.
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Yes I agree, I have been able to avoid the leaks so I really loved going to the movie last weekend, and I knew none of what was going to happen. It is the same with all the episodes thus far, I have been watching them after the American release, so all is good. Stiil as always wonderful job.
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Yeah nah... I've avoided seeing the leaked episodes. I'd rather watch them when they're ACTUALLY supposed to be out. Thankfully I haven't run across any spoilers on the finale yet .-.
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I'm aware of the leaks, but I do my best to avoid them and wait for the official release. The only exception was in the first half of the season, I would watch the treehouse episodes because I knew I'd be out of the country by the time they finally aired in the U.S. and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to watch them by then. Anyway, enough rambling. I think people should just wait until the official release unless you have a good reason. As for the movie, I particularly enjoyed it and recommend you all see it in theaters. 
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I'm one of those people who waits for the official release.
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I can understand when someone like something and dont want see it altered (like original game/vs modded games)
 but sometimes in my case i prefer see the things as faster it could be, is a way to "get out of that task" and dont wait until the things happen, and to be honest i enjoy too much the chapters and the finale along with the movie, one which i dont gonna see in movies anyway (no money/time) so thats leaks help me being in time with the stories and others, 
of course looking the leaked chapters also give me the responsibility to dont say nothing to others which want wait.
And if even the season 8 was leaked, Sure give me more ponies!! 
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I watched them, but I get my enjoyment by watching reaction videos. Plus I always watch the episode proper when it comes out.
Wow guys, all these saints in the comments, like you guys have never pirated anything. Who cares about the stupid TV air date? Is someone putting a gun to your heads and forcing you to watch the leaked episodes or the movie? Just enjoy them early if you want, or wait if it really matters that much to you. Only the kid demographic watches the show on TV anyway, most people will watch online.

Don't criticize the leakers for uploading the episodes early. Most people are happy to see the episodes early rather than having to wait.
I saw the same proselytizing about the leaked movie. Just don't watch it then, stop blaming leakers for giving people the option to watch the movie online. Not everyone wants to go to the theater, or has the money to do so. I went to the theater because I wanted to see the movie on the big screen, not out of some obligation to spend money over getting the movie free.

I guarantee everyone here has looked at some kind of pirated material. Most people who pirate stuff weren't going to buy it anyway, so there's no loss. Chill out, and stop acting like saints. You aren't.
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We are not,but we are also not jerks and try to help the company when we can. Its something I doubt a pirate would understand
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I'm still trying to watch everything by the week, and whenever the movie officially comes out. I'm worried of dodging spoilers like a minefield.
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I make a point not to pirate MLP content, so I'll wait for the actual airings.
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