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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Backup Plan

Happy Saturday one and all! New episode for Canada equals a new Goodnight for us all.

I'd enjoy seeing a little bit more of Cadance's reckless/flippant side. Some may think I dislike her, which is not true. I would like to see her challenged more and meet those challenges without deferring to others. If she can be more forward, as she was with Twilight on Once Upon a Zeppelin, I will gladly celebrate her character more.

The background comes courtesy of Hawk9mm, but his DeviantArt account seems to have vanished. Not sure what happened. :iconundead-niklos:'s page is still going. You should check out his history of Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight comics!
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I like to imagine the Crystal empire being somewhat more militarized since it sits on the border of both Yakyakistan and the Griphon kingdom which both have had shaky relations with Equestria.

It also is a strong fortress with it being a bastion of life and warmth in an inhospitable tundra. Starving them out isn't really feasible since your own army would starve first.

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funny cadance
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The shadow cast by a crystal is beautiful
Everypony's got to have their local flavor of possible large-scale disaster. I'd rather be in the Empire if the Crystal Heart breaks than in Canterlot if the foundations of the city crack.
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never knew her as jokester 
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Oh ho ho!  Very funny! Laughing 
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"Even the more roasted hippogriffon can be a soup"
...wait what?
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Well, everyone knows that. ;)
RaptecClawtooth's avatar
haha you get me there!!
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That would actually add a bit to her Charakter 
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Oh Cadance. :XD:
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Thank you for spelling Cadance's name right! So few do
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Pn 3: Uh, Pinkie? Is your memory slipping? I get that Pinkie might be discounting normal weather systems; but how could you forget S4 ep 1-2 or S6 1-2?
Pn 4: Now I know she's forgotten about the Heart's last shattering...
pn 5: Cadence! You know the deep breathing associated with real-life yoga! You aren't internally "Reeeeee"-ing!
pn 6: *spit take* WHAT?
pn 7: Cadence! Princess Cadence Wut ! Hawk Upset : *intensley squinting at C.Emp's princess* - Are you sure your'e of your own mind?
pn 8-9: Pinkie is speechless... I'll fill in - "Don't joke about the safety of thine constituency!"
pn 10: NOW I know that THIS is level-minded Cadence!
pn 13: While she's drawing to the one shadow; I'd so like to see the empire when the sun hits it at the right time...
Sunrise or sunset, SpectRum is happening! Awesome light show!
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Lol Cadance was worrying me a little there XD
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In short Cadance planned far ahead for that time when Flurry will hit puberty and become a teenager.
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The miracle of life.
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I love that you made Cadance do the whole 'oh-ho-ho-ho' laugh. It's so cheesy but so funny too
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"Casts a shadow" you say?
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[the storm hits]  
Princess Cadance (Smile Widely): So long, suckers!

[the storm turns] 
Princess Cadance (Smile Widely): HELP ME, SUCKERS!  
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LOL I see what you did there! 
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Cadence should prank Shining that she got pregnant again XD
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Cadance is a good troll...
Did my eyes deceive me, or did EQD's countdown has us watching this episode 2 WEEKS from now?
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