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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Apples of Discord

You learn funny things when reviewing stuff. Case in point, while reviewing Friendship is Magic issue 69 I got to do a little more research about golden apples and their role in mythology. Today's comic is a result. Plus, I really love getting to show Celestia being supportive. For all the nonsense I put her through in videos, she definitely deserves respect. And it's deserved when she punts my character into space.

Though I've forced myself into a contradiction here. I don't view the alicorns as gods or demigods, and yet they're the best visual representation for these stories. Ah well.

Anywho, I hope all have a great evening and can enjoy this weekend! Thanks to :iconboneswolbach: for the Canterlot Courtyard background.

And thanks again to :iconundead-niklos:, who created Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight.
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Hey you know I remember you doing a kyoryuger joke a while back have you ever watched Kamen rider gaim? It has similar themes to this comic
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ironically the latest pony comic book is about a golden apple, but it's pinkie that falls to temptation.
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Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this educational and inspirational masterpiece.
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Celestia one weakness, CAKE! 
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Discord is such a troll... :XD:
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I think this is your best 'Goodnight" comic yet!
That over all message is sweet. Sweeter than any cake ( is trying to eat healthier and is mad at cake ).   Great job on this. :)
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Discord knows his stuff and their weaknesses.
Gold simply isn't worth all that much in Equestria. On Cider day, AJ gets a whole table full of the stuff. 2 gold coins for a glass of cider.
Really, it's not the gold apples you have that cause problems; it's the gold apples you want. So I guess you should worry about everypony but AJ.
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Once a trickster, always a trickster.
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Heh.  Nice.  This reminds me of my personal screed regarding Celestia, that she represents both a classical and modern interpretation of a divine being.   She is not invulnerable, and can be trapped, tricked, and defeated.  In this way she is similar to the gods and goddesses of the ancient pantheons, like in Norse and Greek mythology, who were often caught up in some kind of trouble or other.  But she also encourages her subjects to better themselves in subtle ways, inspiring enlightenment in an indirect fashion.  She and Luna act not so much as authoritarian rulers, but more as guides helping the common ponies to overcome personal issues or find opportunities.  Their selflessness resembles our modern notion of God as an ineffable, benign presence in our lives.
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I like to think Discord actually tried this at least once in canon.
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This is true, some might think that an object is what causes one's misdoings, but in reality it's really our actions, beliefs, desires, and temptations that really lead us to the path we choose. Really nice comic!
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The story with the race has multiple endings. One more positive ending is that the lady got distracted on purpose because she actually wanted to marry that particular guy. 
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I haven't read that more positive ending. How did it handle the whole "lion" issue?
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Video by a channel called overly sarcastic productions.
I knew the greek legend, they made an episode of the anime Pollon too. It's so good to see Celestia, but it's not good to see Discord, even as Golden Chocolate Cake, now…..where did I put my Golden Knife?.
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I'll admit, the cameo of Ydun's story, one of my fave Asgaadians from my home tales, had me squeeing.
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Love that Pinkie is holding the comic of Celestia giving Applejack the golden apple. :XD:
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If I took a bite of the golden apple, it would probably contain a little of just about every flavor, maybe even a few that don't exist.
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