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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Anger Management



So many early airings in other countries. Australia. France. Sweden. I'm surprised Canada hasn't relied on its own early-airings like last year. But then, I shouldn't jinx it.

Want to make something clear: I do not begrudge anyone the chance to watch an episode as it airs in another country. It's airing officially and thanks to web streaming, we enjoy a connection far greater than any before. The frustration in all this does not lie with an early episode, but with the loss of a rhythm.

I joined the fandom in season 2, when :iconundead-niklos: posted a single Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight comic every week. In between airings there was an explosion of creativity. Fan art, remixes, comics, etc. I had never seen such a prolific fandom and I enjoyed the wave. It carried forward towards the end of the week, when excitement for the new episodes took hold. In this way a new season was a steady flow of enjoyment and interest.

The Brony fandom has shrunk since those times but it's never lacked for creativity. However, early airings change the dynamic. It splits us into groups. Those who chose to watch it early. Those who want to wait for the US release. Those who indulge in spoilers (and may not be discreet about them), and those who try to remain spoiler-free. Unfortunately, split goals and actions dilute the creativity that helps this fandom stand out. The rapid airings also deny the chance for people to create and focus on elements from one episode because another is coming out the next day. I wonder if we would have ideas like Derpy, Twilicane, and other recurring jokes if earlier seasons had followed this trend.

But the only thing to do in this case is keep doing whatever works best. People still create no matter the episode and I intend to offer goodnight comics as much as possible. Hope you all have a good night and enjoy tomorrow's US/Australian episodes!
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