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Pinkie Pie Goodnight: Cultural Exchange

Pinkie Pie's back with friends to wish you all good night.

Thanks :iconundead-niklos:, who allowed me to continue Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight! He's celebrating a birthday soon. Send him some happy birthday wishes!
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With the strength thing that kind of means you don't want to overcome your surroundings. Before humans had to be strong because we were threatened but now human technology has made us pretty much invincible.

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Alternate Ending:

Rutherford: GAH! We being watched by furless Monsters! Demons! YAKS DESTROY!

*Rutherford smashes through the 4th wall.*
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Don't worry, we are no demons
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Well let's face facts cheif, Rutherford isn't exactly wrong in this case~
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MLP Shining Armor (Angry) Plz : My guards are the strongest in the Crystal Empire! And I've been hitting the gym! Bulk Biceps : I'm his trainer and he bench-pressed me after a week's training!
MLP Shining Armor (Angry) Plz : So where is this 'Rutherford'? No-yak slights me infront of my bride! I'll javelin him back to Yakyakistan!
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Me? A monster?

...What if I am one? [Flowey Emote] Wink 
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I guess we understand why Pinkie never addresses us in canon now, huh?
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Hey! I may have horns and drink sulfur from a skull, but I'm not completely fur-less! *demonic grumble of irritation* If anyone needs me, I'll be in the kitchen eating my Khorne Flakes.
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I resent being called hairless!
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I thought this (comic? Idk) was really funny.
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Amazing 4th wall break
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Lol thank you for the very cute breaking of the 4th wall!
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I'm a hairless demon...? *sniffes*
It's easy to say that another force relies too much on something that you don't have the luxury of using based simply on always have gotten along without it. And it's easy to so dismiss sound advice from those who have had to work with different restrictions. So the question becomes whether Rutherford can see a way to exploit the Guard's usage of magic.
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Princess Cadence : But seriously, who are we talking to
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Hairless demons not perfect! Yaks smash!!!!!
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Hairless demons......well, he's not wrong.
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His first glimpse beyond the fourth wall...they should've been more careful.
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Excellent.  And good points are made on both sides.
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I do applaud you Silver Quill for actually making Prince Rutherford actually decent as a character here. He actually brings up some good points here that should be taken into consideration. The ponies have as a society seem to have developed a dependence on magic and use it constantly as the end all be all to problems a majority of the time. And that will come back to bite them hard when another threat like Tirek comes around that is capable of nullifying or using that strength against them. I mean, does anyone beside me realize that Tirek could have easily been taken down super early in the episode if the royals had just sent some griffons and donkeys or bison to arrest him? And unfortunately Cadance doesn't seem to have absorbed the merits of what Rutherford was saying.
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HEY!!! I'M NO MONSTER! Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams

Nice one, Silver! :D
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