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Ocellus Says Goodnight

This was one of my first ideas for the Student Six getting to say goodnight. It made sense, given the history and allowed me the chance to show Fancy Pants in a positive light again.

I hope Moondancer would be as enthusiastic in the show. We got to see her grow out of her anger, but I wonder what would come next.

Hope you all have a great night and if you catch the new episode I hope it's a good one!
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OMG What have you done Silver?
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I love Fancy Pants being cool-classy and yet have a funny MLP moment!
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This meetup would be amazing to see happen on the show!
What's the biggest shape you've ever taken?

Ocellus turned into a T-Rex once in the comics.
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A red-coated Fancypants with white polka-dots...never saw that one coming.
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This was really cute too!
Really would love to have Moondancer return in an episode, with an actual speaking role
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Beautiful. These just keep getting better and better.
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Looks like you moght've forgotten to remove the changing aura from the panels with "If you continue show your wonderful self.." and "Now I get why headmage..."
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I never did thank you for pointing that out. I was doing these while running between commitments so my communication is awful. Sorry about that and thank you for the heads-up!
It's good to face your demons, and that includes facing down situations that remind you of things you regret doing (or regret on behalf of others) and places you're afraid you won't be accepted. But Ocellus's fears do have a justification deeper than social anxiety; there are probably those in Canterlot who would try to take revenge if they saw a changeling. I wouldn't want to go there alone if I were she.
You know... I think the biggest problem with Gen 4 MLP is that everything is far too final. 

To Where And Back Again has seemingly reformed ALL The Changelings, save Chrysalis. Starlight instantly became a friend, when offered reform. (Which is actually possible, as some people do repent (turn away) of prior attitudes that damn fast when they really realize how awful they've been.) Discord gradually because 100% reformed, though rather jerkish at times. Sombra is likely vanquished permanently. Tirek has WAY more to face if he comes back.

If all of those had been a little more open, I don't think the reboot would be happening. Starlight would have taken a season or three to even become a friend, and could have had some solo episodes with one or two of the main cast while travelling on her own. Discord... is good. They just need to writer better than A Matter of Principals. Sombra could try to corrupt and take over a different town or kingdom. 


It's all moot. If the reboot really does happen, here's hoping they manage a series at least as good when it does.
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this was cute and great job on the polka dot fancy pants lol. It looked like it might have been a pain
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what do you mean with international episodes?
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I hope Ocellus' chitin is durable enough for A LOT of hugs. :XD:
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Yeah, I cried. This was sweet. Being not only tolerated, but *loved* for who you are, that just hits all the right buttons. Well done, SQ. ♥︎
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What? No Fleur? 
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This was a genuinely great piece. I this was more of a good morning since I'm now starting the day. I admire how you captured Fancy Pants' polite and un-dismissive nature. I think it would be interesting for everypony in Canterlot knowing Chancellor Neighsay's ideal. I wonder if other Ponies talk about him often. I know we do. Any way, Keep up the great work! /)
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Awwwww they're so accepting to Ocellus I love it
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That was great, very nicely done there.
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I really love that Fancy Pants continues to be Most Perfect Gentleman Ever, giving the Canterlot nobility a good name wherever he shows up.
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