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Poor Celestia. Shortly after the season 2 finale, I saw a post on Ponibooru that said, "Celestia is the new Worf. She gets defeated just to demonstrate the threat of the new villain." And when I think about it, that's actually been true so far.

This originally started as an idea for my OC, Clutterstep, talking with a dragon about his nearly undefeated battle history. But after "A Canterlot Wedding", I realized this would be even better.

Here's hoping Celestia gets a win in season 3.

EDIT: This is the second time my comics have been featured on Equestria Daily, and I am blown away. So many comments and favorites!

The surprise is that I didn't submit this to Equestria Daily. Either someone submitted it on my behalf, or the website administrators saw this in someone's favorites gallery and decided to feature it. Either way, I'm grateful to all the people who supported my work and gave encouraging feedback and criticisms.

If anyone wishes, there is a wallpaper version of the BWAK! panel in my scrapbook.

Thanks again and I'll try to surpass this with another comic!
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