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Mane 6 - Ready for Anything

By request, an SVG of the Mane 6 from Part 16 of "A Princess' Tears."

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May I make a base of this? Of course I'll credit you :wink 
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Sure thing. Have at it!
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omg I watch your youtube xD
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Hey, can i use this for a minimalist vector? I give credit obv ^^
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Hey Silver, I was wondering if I could use this picture with modification to serve as a backdrop to a song I am making. I will credit you for the picture, of course.
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By all means. Please post a link when it's ready. Hope it turns out well!
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Is there a way to get this image in PNG or JPEG form? I also need your permission to do a recolor with this.
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If you double-click on the image (no download), it will enlarge to full size as a PNG. And please feel free to give it a recolor. Shoot me a link when you post it.
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Just saying, someone requested me to make a base out of this. Sorry I didn't ask ^^;
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Ready for anything? Well, maybe not Fluttershy, but that's to be expected, isn't it?
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Is it just me, or does Applejack's expression seem kind of...evil?
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Very nice, even if that blue on Fluttershy's lips is kinda odd but nice. n_n
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those are her teeth, silly XD
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I know, but I thought it was like lipstick or something!

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fluttershy look as ready as ever XD
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